a belated thank you for Tobias!

by Kathy
(Surprise AZ USA)

I just want to thank you Tobias for your help. I wrote a few weeks ago and you were so quick to answer me. I appreciated that but wasn't sure how to respond to thank you so here it is!

I enjoy receiving the information and have made our plans, but will continue to learn more from your site.

We are flying from Wisconsin to Frankfurt and then will pick up a flight from Frankfurt to Split. We are going on an island hopping-bike adventure from Sept 3-10th. We have 2 days to get adjusted to the time before our boat/bike trip and then one week after to explore more and I will enjoy learning what all there is to see.
I know the buses are wonderful in Croatia.

Thanks again for your help.

You are welcome!

Dear Kathy,

first of all, I really enjoy sharing my personal travel experiences and thoughts about Croatia.

But, what really motivates me more than anyting else are posts like yours! Thank you for your kind words - it really means a lot to me!

I wish you a wonderful vacation in Croatia!

All the best,


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