A hotel next to a sandy beach in Porec

by Ekaterina

I'm planning to have a 2 week holiday in Croatia in August. I've never been there. My friends stayed in Porec, in Mediteranean, said it was a good bargain, but located on a paved beach. Is it possible to find a hotel with a sandy beach close by and hopefully within an easy reach of a historical town to enjoy Croatian cuisine, music, a bit of culture?


Hi Ekaterina,

I personally do not know a sandy beach in the Porec area. Most beaches in Croatia are actually pebbly. As for the cusine in Croatia - you will find excellent food just anywhere in Croatia. One tip: avoid the typical "tourist restaurants" that are mostly located at the promenades. They are generally very good but the price is a bit higher. Look two or three streets away from the promenade and you can find real "treasures" in terms of food.

During peak season (June to August) you can hear music in a lot of different open-air spots - at least in the major coastal cities.

Last but not least: culture. You will find culture and historical buildings anywhere in Croatia. Of course, there are some top spots but in my opinion the coastal towns are all amazing cities!

You probably know that I am absolutely in love with Dubrovnik - the so called pearl of the Adriatic. It's a beautiful city with history in just about any square meter. There are excellent accommodations and lot's of things to do and see. For details please see my ebook "The Insider's Guide to Dubrovnik".

Ekaterina, I don't see a problem in your inquiry with the exception of sandy beaches.

Do you already have a hotel/apartment? If not you can find (and compare) great rooms in the Porec region here.

Hope that helps!
All the best,

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