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Some information you should know about Croatia.

The country of Croatia is found in southern portion of Europe.

It's usually surrounded by other European countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Hungry, Montenegro, and Serbia.

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Croatian Food

Croatian food

Croatian cuisine differs in every region.

For those who are living in the Adriatic Sea, their meals are mostly composed of sea foods like shrimps, squid, and fish.

They also love to prepare simple but definitely delicious dishes comprised of meat and pasta.

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Croatian People

Croatian people

Almost 90 percent of the population is composed of Croats, while there are 20 minorities such as the Serbs living in the country.

The main religion is Catholic, though others are either Sunni Muslims or Orthodox Christians. The language spoken is known as Croatian, and the people use the Latin alphabet.

Because of emigration and ethnic cleansing, a large portion of the population was displaced and went to other countries in Western Europe, the United States and Canada.

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Croatian Culture

Croatian flag

Croatians put a great emphasis into their arts, culture, and heritage. They have been able to preserve their old cities, ruins, and monuments.

There are also eight national parks and heritage sites all over the country.

Moreover, with almost 100 percent literacy rate, it's no wonder that there are countless geniuses born and raised in Croatia. A lot of them have been given awards such as Nobel Prizes.

Objects like neckties and fountain pens were invited by the Croatians!

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Croatian History

Croatian history The history of Croatia began in 229 BC when the Romans took over the land, and Emperor Diocletian established a fortress around his palace.

By the fifth century, the Roman Empire in the West ended, and the two separated European provinces, Pannonian Croatia and Dalmatian Croatia. It was in 1835 that Croatian culture and politics flourished.

World War II brought a lot of destruction to Croatia, which was then a part of Yugoslavia. Fortunately, the war ended, and the country became a republic under the leadership of Marshal Tito. A new type of government, fascism, was developed after the Communist leader died in 1980. Because of political instability, the economy of the country suffered.

By June 1991, Croatia was formally separated from the Yugoslavian Federation. However, this wasn't meant with open arms, and a war ensued. The United Nations then sent out protection force in December 1991. In December 1995, the Dayton agreement was signed, and Croatia slowly attained peace. Leaders, both present and former, tried to improve the economy of the country through international trade.

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About Croatia: Sports

There are a lot of sports that Croatians play. For one, they have their own football team that competes in FIFA World Cup. They are also excellent handball and basketball players, where they would often take home the titles.

About Croatia: Economy

The economy of Croatia is very varied. Those who are living near the Adriatic Sea earn a living through shipping and shipbuilding, while those that are living in the mountains are usually involved in agriculture and logging.

Croatia is also a major exporter of textiles, petroleum, and chemicals. Furthermore, with several attractions, tourism is booming in Croatia.

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