Are all 3 clubs on Zrce beach open at the end of August?


I am travelling to Zrce Beach 26th Aug - 30th Aug and see that most of the main events at the clubs there finish by early/ mid August. I know Papaya is still open at the end of August, are the other two? And is it still busy enough for decent parties.


Croatia Travel Guide's answer: Hi, sorry that I didn't manage to answer in time but I was very busy and not in my home-office.

First of all, I absolutely LOVE Zrce! It's a magical place (at least for "younger" people :-) ). Here's a photo I made during my last "party" weekend...

DJ in the Aquarius club

I just know that the Aquarius club is also open until around mid of August. To be honest, I don't think that end of August is the best choice if you are really looking to party. July would be the best month.

Sorry that I do not have any specific dates - but I think as a rough guideline you should plan to visit Zrce beach from June to mid of August.

All the best,

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