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Banculuka naturist beach - something special...

Croatia definitely offers the sun and the beach for everyone who wants to take a time out from the daily grind of life...

Because of its strategic location, Croatia is rich with countless beaches, both frequently visited by tourists and locals and secluded.

Nevertheless, if you want some sense of adventure and feel "free", head down to one of its most popular naturist beaches: Banculuka.

Banculuka is a nudist beach and camping area found in the southeast portion of Krk Island, in Baska. It is specifically located in one of the slopes of the two hills that you can find in the small town.

Unlike other types of beaches that populate Croatia, the sands of Banculuka naturist beach are very white and fine that they definitely feel good under your feet. It is also a pebble beach, which means you can comfortably walk around the beach without your water shoes. It is also very excellent for children.

As a naturist beach, you can expect everyone there to be wearing, well, practically nothing :-)

Naked woman at Banculuka naturist beach

Naked woman at the beach.

This means too that you may have to strip off your clothes. If you are too conservative for that, you might as well don on your sexiest two-piece bikini, just to make sure that you can somehow fit in. As a form of respect, too, you are not allowed to look at these people offensively.

Naked woman sunning

Naked woman sunning at the Banculuka naturist beach.

Despite being a naturist beach and a camping ground, there are plenty of facilities that any visitor can use while at the beach. For example, they can exchange their foreign bills with that of Croatia at the moneychanger.

There are also picnic facilities, a restaurant where you can dine on the most delicious Croatian meals, and fast food.

If you want to prepare meals on your own, you can head to the small market, where merchants are selling the freshest produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Do not forget to pair every dish with wine produced by wineries and cellars in Croatia. There are also enough restrooms to accommodate campers and swimmers who love to refresh themselves before heading back under the heat of the sun.

Enjoy Croatian food right at the beach

Have a break - enjoy Croatian dishes.

You don't also have to contain yourself with swimming and camping. You can also snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, rent a yacht and sail thorough the neighboring islands, play some sports such as volleyball, dive, water ski, or lounge with your rented beach umbrellas.

You can also enjoy some island hopping and strolling among the beautiful bays that are located near Banculuka. These include Vrzenica and Jablanova. These are also two most ideal places to go to when Banculuka becomes overly crowded especially during peak seasons and you want some privacy. These are also naturist beaches.

However, there's one thing you need to remember. The road leading to these bays are very narrow. You need to have the most comfortable pair of shoes to travel.

Nevertheless, you will never feel exhausted as you see the most beautiful views of the other side of the beach during your 20-minute walk.

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