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Baska Krk is particularly recognized for its family-friendly amenities and atmosphere, something that the whole island and country is known for.

Before I give you more details about the city, let me introduce you to the fabulous beach of Baska Krk - located right before the town with it's nice fishing houses.

The bay itself is harbored through an island and it's nearly waveless. Ideal for swimming!

Photo Krk island Baska beach

Wonderful beach on Krk island with crystal clear blue water.

The beach has a length of about two kilometers. I have to say here that the beach is mainly a little narrow but child-friendly and very well-tended!

During peak season in July and August the canvas chairs are close-packed. But, if you feel constricted there's an easy way to find a remedy...

At the beach you have the possibility to rent a taxi-boat. At the south-eastern corner of Krk you will find around two dozen of beautiful little bays! Just ask for a good tip. And don't worry. The price includes the return fare, of course :-)

I just can encourage you to spend the money for such a trip. It's really worth it and you will have memories for a life time!

Photo of a taxi boat you can also find on Baska Krk

Thats's the kind of taxi boat you can rent.
Please note that I took this photo in Sibenik, not Baska Krk.

Hotels in Baska

Baska Hotel Zvonimir
Hotel Zvonimir in Baska
The Zvonimir Hotel probably is the top rated hotel in Baska (out of 6 hotels). All rooms have the basic amenities that you can expect from such a hotel. Views from the waterfront rooms are breathtaking!

Baska Villa Adria
Villa Adria
This accommodation unit is also very well situated, the rooms have flat-TVs, air conditioning and a fantastic terrace! It's not the cheapest but it's money well spend. Also note that you will have breakfast included (recommended, especially if you want to escape the crowds during peak season).

Now back to the town itself...

Baska is a town situated within the island of Krk, along the Adriatic coast of Croatia. It is slowly becoming one of the popular tourist destinations in the area, with a number of natural and manmade attractions awaiting visitors.

Baska from satellite...

Larger View

The town boasts of several beautiful beaches, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The beaches make a gradual descent into the sea, making it quite safe for the whole family to frolic in.

The coastal waters are also teeming with rich marine life, making scuba diving a popular water sport among locals and visitors. What's more, water temperature is comfortably warm during most part of the year.

Cafes, bars, and restaurants line the beaches, providing ready refreshments and meals!

Behind the town is a scenic countryside with hiking trails for those who wish to explore the outdoors. Visitors can also head out to the river Vela Rika, where beautiful sights can also be enjoyed.

Me in a vineyard in Croatia

There are also several vineyards and olive groves that welcome visitors who come exploring.

Photo: That's me on such a beautiful vineyard...cheers, or as the Croatians say: "Zivjeli" :-)

Bicycles can also be hired for those who wish to follow some of the area's biking paths.

The area's most prominent religious structure is the Benedictine abbey at Jurandyor. The abbey has a church dedicated to St. Lucia, where the famous Baska Tombstone was discovered.

This particular artifact is dated from the 11th century and bears the first written form of the Croatian language, providing evidence of the country's existence during that time.

The original is now displayed at the Academy of Arts in Zagreb, while a replica can be found in the original site where it was discovered.

Visitors can purchase reproductions of this artifact in several shops around the island. On the belfry of the church is the oldest known representation of the country's coat of arms, resembling a chessboard.

There are also monuments and remains of Roman settlement within and around Baska Krk. Visitors can also explore the ruins of a church that was built during the Byzantine period in the area called the Mala Iuka or the Little Harbour.

The medieval parts of the town are evident around the church of St. John, which was constructed during the 11th century and is of Romanesque style of architecture.

A nearby cemetery is also believed to be established during the same time. The town also boasts of several interesting religious art, some of them housed within the church of the Holy Trinity.

Included in these valuable items are the paintings titled Our Lady with Saints made by Marco Marziale and The Last Supper by Palma the Younger.

Other religious structures in the area include the churches of the Holy Spirit, St. Euphermia, St. George, and of St. Michael. There are also several beautiful artworks within these buildings that are worth visiting for.

Baska on island Krk aerial view

Aerial view of Baska Krk with the nice beach

Visitors can stay in several of the town's accommodations or in camping sites located in the surrounding areas, where they can enjoy nature to the fullest.

Baska Krk also celebrates several festivals and social events that visitors are welcome to participate in.

Only the promenade separates this hotel from the Adriatic.
70 rooms, 15 apartments, including restaurant "Jelena" with ocean-view.

Emila Geistl. 34
Tel.: (+ 385) 051 65 68 10
Double bedroom 700-1500 Kuna

Plain fare i.e. barbecued lamb
Location: directly at the ferry harbor with a nice shadily terrace

Ribarska 39
Tel.: (+ 385) 051 86 00 23
Daily 10-24 o'clock from June till November

Interstate Zagreb-Rijeka, over the bridge to the island Krk.
From Kraljevica on mainland to Baska around 50 km.

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Recommended Hotels in Baska

1. Atrium Residence Baska - as a guest in the Atrium you will have a fantastic location and excellent amenities. It's an upper-class accommodation but if you can afford it - it's a great place to stay.

2. Villa Adria Hotel Baska - the Villa Adria is a destination in itself! You will have all amenities that such high-class hotel usually offer. Jacuzzi, gym, sauna, massage, indoor pool - everything. You can be sure that every guestroom get's superb service (24hr room service).

3. Zvonimir Hotel Baska - this hotel is relatively cheap and ideal for travelers with limited budget. The Zvonimir hotel has the basic amenities but the real advantage is that this hotel is located right at the waterfront!

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