Best plan for a 6 day trip in Croatia

by Sasie

What would be the best plan for a 6-day trip in Croatia during the month of April?

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Hi Sasie,

well, to give some detailed tips about such a short trip to Croatia I would need more information from you.

Six days for a Croatia trip is not much and you should focus one specific area that you want to see. In general I would recommend the south of Croatia. The area between Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik is awesome! You can visit some of those beautiful mediterranean coastal towns with historical buildings and this - what I call it - "special flair".

You can also do one-day-trips to the national parks Krka waterfalls or the famous Plitvice lakes national park (belongs to the UNESCO world heritage sites in Croatia).

Additionally the Zadar/Split/Dubrovnik area has the advantage that you can easily take a ferry and reach one of the many islands of Croatia. From Split I would really recommend to visit Brac island with the most famous beach of Croatia or Hvar island for example. This is really worth it!

One hint: You said that you want to visit Croatia in April next year? Uhm, I would recommend to do the trip a bit later. It can be still windy and a bit cold in April. Think about May (better June) to August (high season). Why? Simply because of the great weather! And bathing in the crystal clear Adriatic is a MUST during a trip to Croatia :-)

Also see my article about the best time to travel to Croatia.

Ok, I hope this helps! For more suggestions I would really need some detailed information from you. Just comment below and I can give you some tips, ok?

Greetings to Bangkok, Thailand!
All the best,


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