Best rafting spots in Croatia

by Vaidas

Hello Tobias,

We are planing to visit Croatia next year. Could you please advise me, where I can find the best rafting spots in Croatia?

And also we want to try diving. Thank you for your attention.


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Hi Vaidas,

If you want to go rafting in Croatia - I can only tell you that it's absolutely fantastic! If you are already a rafting-fan, you know that you want to raft again and again and again, right? :-)

I've written a separat article about rafting on the river "Cetina" with a couple of rafting pictures from one of my tours. Please also see my article about rafting in Croatia.

Rafting on river Cetina is in my opinion the best spot in Croatia and I can only recommend it. Suggested starting point would be "Omis". If you want to book ahead or need additional information please see the official rafting site. There you'll find everything you need to book a rafting trip:

As for your question about the best diving spots... I must admit that I am just a "snorkler" - I haven't made it to scuba diving. But, what friends tell me and what I know through my website visitiors, there's one great spot which I just heard great things about (must be a fabulous underwater world) - Kornati National park. It's an archipelago of over 140 islands and is reachable from coastal cities like Zadar.

There are many diving centers around, but I would have a look at this website:

Hope that information helps you.

All the best for you Croatia vacation - have a great time and enjoy it!


PS: If you return from your trip I would be more than happy to hear about your travel experiences - (especially you rafting trip). Just drop me an email...

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