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Best snorkeling spots in Croatia
by: Tobias

Hi Vanessa,

since you will travel to Croatia in August - which is high season - the popular spots
are mostly crowded...

Ok, I would personally suggest the southern part of Croatia (Dalmatia region) which is perfect for all kinds of water sports including snorkling. You wrote that you don't want to have discos etc. during you holiday and therefore I would personally choose an island.

Brac island is great and easily reachable from Split (also with the famous Zlatni Rat beach) - or you can take the ferry directly from Ancona, Italy.

There are some great spots to dive abroad the tourist spots... depending on your accommodation, chances are good that you have to find them (but that shouldn't be a problem).

Nevertheless, my personal highlight is Hvar island. There are some fantastic beaches in Hvar with crystal clear blue waters and breathtaking views to Korcuala island, Vis island and Brac on the northern side of the island. (Last year I was in Hvar but due to the lack of time still haven't integrated all pictures from my travel travel story yet). You can have a look onto my photos from the ferry ride to Hvar island - click here for my Hvar photos (will add more pictures from Hvar in the near future...).

Hope that helps!
Kind regards


Thank you
by: Vanessa

Dear Tobias, thank you for your quick reply. I read something about Brac sounds really interesting! I also read something about Dugi Otok island...what do you think about?
Best regards,

Brac island vs. Dugi Otok
by: Tobias

Hi Vanessa,

my pleasure.

I would say that both islands have their own charm. For me it's a bit difficult to recommend the best of both islands as there are advantages and disadvantages for both of them...

Dugi Otok is reachable within around 10 minutes from Zadar (a great coastal city). Of course, you'll find great spots here and it's not the typical tourist magnet (which is what you are looking for).

See this page about Dugi Otok:

Brac island is different - so to speak. Depending on how you want to get to Brac - the ferry from Split takes you around 45 minutes to reach the island. Don't forget that Brac is bigger than Dugi Otok. If you don't come with your own car it can be more expensive to pay for a taxi (yes, you can rent a taxi on Brac).

Brac has also some fantastic beaches abroad the tourist magnets (like the world famous Zlatni Rat beach). There are also some mountains on the island and the coastline can be sometimes steep. So, a boat in Croatia is always great because you can reach great beaches - and have them just for you :-)

In Brac island you can also visit the popular quarries. Those stones are unbelievable white and also the white house in the USA was built with this stone from Brac island.

So, all in all both have their advantages. Dugi Otok is very reachable and I would say it's more "quiet". You will also have no problem to get to some great beaches there. Nights are especially great because you can see all those lights from Zadar in the distance (depending on where you are on the island). Of course, you can always make a great day trip to Zadar, go shopping, enjoy some sight-seeing etc.

Brac is more isolated but also draws more people, especially during high season in August.

Please note that this is my personal point of view.

Greetings to Italy!

All the best,

snorkeling spot rijeka
by: Anonymous

hello we search a snorkeling spot close to rijeka.
is there a company or private snorkeler who would have some time for us ?

Not helpful NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry but these comments are not helpful. When someone asks about snorkelling, they want to know what's underwater. Are there reefs? Turtles? Caves? Places with lots of fish?

Great NEW
by: Anonymous

Great Posts.. forget what this idiot below me wrote... my guess is that he is a stupid american!

All very helpful

Pls advice NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm visiting hvar in June wouldjke to know if there are any OrGanized tours or spots for snorkelling where can I get info on that ....? Are there many coral reefs n sealife wrth seeing ? Also which would be the best wine tasting tours be from hvar ? Any suggestions ? Thnks in advance

Pls advice NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm visiting hvar in June wouldjke to know if there are any OrGanized tours or spots for snorkelling where can I get info on that ....? Are there many coral reefs n sealife wrth seeing ? Also which would be the best wine tasting tours be from hvar ? Any suggestions ? Thnks in advance

Best snorkeling spots in Croatia NEW
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