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There isn't an universal best time to travel to Croatia - with a mountainous inland, a superb coast at the Adriatic, fabulous national parks abounding with vegetation, crystal clear water and savage fauna, and lots of events happening in every month, this country is a travel destination year-round.

The official agreement is that April - September is the best time to visit Croatia, to enjoy at maximum the classic hit of sun, sand and sea.

The summertime is also the period when the seaside gets crowded, and if you don't book your holiday in advance, you might have the surprise not to find any accommodation place, but in locals' private houses.

Summer festivals in Dubrovnik or Split complete the holiday atmosphere. Don't think that if you plan your trip in the low season (January to March) or shoulder season (October to December, April to May), you will be out of any cultural and social life.

Popular events include the Karneval in Rijeka (January through February), World Theater Festival in Zagreb (September), International Film Festival in Dubrovnik (May), or Baroque Evenings in Varazdin (September).

Great deals during low season

When deciding for the best time to travel to Croatia, keep in mind that, with few exceptions, the tourist units - hotels, restaurants and clubs are open year round, and during low season you will find great deals and lower prices for accommodation!

The summer months are sunny and pleasant in Croatia, and you can't imagine a more romantic place than Dubrovnik for celebrating the New Year.

February is the month of carnivals, with the Rijeka Karneval popular in Croatia and abroad also, and the colourful Feast of St. Blaise in Dubrovnik, with lots of dancing on the streets.

With Easter coming by, plan to spend the Holy Week in the tranquil setting of Korcula island, and you'll definitely find your inner peace. Croatian weather is getting warmer and warmer, and for the most courageous, April brings the time of the first swim in the Adriatic in southern Dalmatia, while everybody attends the Sweets Festival in Zagreb.

From all the season's month, July is definitely the most popular

  • weather is great for swimming, sailing, working on your tan,

  • the cities are pumping of colourful nightlife,

  • and lots of events are happening in Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and almost every island.

If you're in honeymoon, you shouldn't miss the music festival in Pula, where you can listen to the sound of music hand in hand with your beloved one, under the stars. (See my honeymoon article and the most romantic places article).

September could be the best time to travel to Croatia if you're looking for

  • less crowd,

  • lovely weather and

  • dropped down prices.

October is the time of truffles, as Istria organizes the October Truffles Days. November is an open scene for tens of cultural events and concerts, taking place both on the seaside at Dubrovnik, and inland at Zagreb.

Bottom line of the best time?

The best time to travel to Croatia is whenever you feel like taking a break - with lots of things happening year round all over the country, Croatia will prove that you just took the right decision! :-)

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