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Bisevo island has a famous attraction - the Blue Cave...

Bisevo is an island of Croatia, located in the Adriatic Sea. It is part of the region of Dalmatia, southwest of the island of Vis. In terms of geology, the island is composed of limestone, with some parts covered in forests and some in shrubs.

The island has an area of more than five square kilometers and is only inhabited by less than twenty people. There are no overnight accommodations available, so visitors only have to make day trips to Bisevo. The island's point is Strazenica, which is about 239 meters high.

Visitors can access this island by boarding excursion boats that depart from Komiza and head out to the island. Boat trips are also offered from other nearby islands. Daily services are available during the summer season, when the volume of tourists is high.


Visitors can also hire a boat to take them to several interesting points of Bisevo, including secluded beaches where bathing in complete privacy can be enjoyed.

The Blue Cave...

However, the most famous attraction of Bisevo island is the Blue Cave or the Modra Spilja, one of the several caves located along the coast.

Many tourists have frequented the cave since the later part of the 19th century, after it was discovered and made accessible to the public.

The Blue Cave is accessed only by boat, with the opening more than just a meter high. The interior of the cave is bathe in blue color as light penetrate through the underwater opening. The water surface also appears silvery to pink, providing an interesting and pretty sight rarely found somewhere else.

This occurs an hour before noon and after noon during sunny days when the water is calm. During the summer months of June to August, a good number of visitors make side trips to this cave to behold and appreciate its beauty and uniqueness.

A Boat Excursion To The Blue Cave (2:58 min.)

Great Ruins To Visit...

During the 11th century, a Benedictine monastery was built on the island. It now exists in ruins, as the monastery was deserted during the 13th century due to threat of pirates.

Its church, dedicated to St. Sylvester, is all that remained of the complex that is well-preserved up to the present time. Visitors are free to explore the ruins of the monastery and the church, where clues of the island's history can be glimpsed.

There are several wineries and vineyards located all over the island. Some of them may welcome visitors and offer a sample of their products. Because of this, viticulture is one of the major industries of Bisevo.

There are also several olive groves that add interest to the landscape. Most of the vineyards and olive groves are found in the central part of the island, where the soil is fertile.

Olive trees on the island

Please note that this picture of olive trees was taken on Olib island.

Bisevo Island Is A Great Fishing Spot...

The other major industry in the island is fishing, with its coastal parts teeming with fish species. The island has a small harbor for mooring and anchoring of different sailing vessels.

Fishing enthusiasts can charter boats to take them around the island and drop fishing lines in spots where a good catch is almost always guaranteed. This is also one way to enjoy the relative isolation and serenity provided by the island.

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