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If you visit this enchanting country, chances are good that you will cross some bridges in Croatia. You'll literally find them everywhere. There are a lot of bridges in the coastal area. Also, there are quite a few bridges which connect reachable islands with mainland.

Below you'll see a list of my bridge photos which I've discovered over the years.

View onto the new Maslina bridge - taken from the old Maslina bridge. The velebit mountain range in the background.

Isn't that a pictorially photo? The Maslina bridge, water flowing, karst limestone and the Velebit mountain range in the background (Click here to see other photos of Croatian mountains). In my opinion, this is one of the most imposingly bridges in Croatia. Not only because of it's size, but of the breathtaking natural beauty around.

We were on the way to Plitvice Lakes and stopped at the "old Maslina bridge" which you can also see below (red bridge). We parked the car behind the bridge and walked over the bridge. From here we had a fantastic view onto the Maslina bridge!

Photo of the old Maslina bridge.

That's the "old Maslina bridge" which was damaged during war. From here I made the first photo. Sounds funny, but I actually "took a photo of a bridge FROM another bridge" :-)

Again, the old Maslina bridge.

Another photo of this bridge with my girlfriend walking over it. By the way, do you see the fishing boat in the pictures above? It should give you a feeling of the height...

View onto the bridge which connects Vir island to mainland. I took the photo with view to mainland.

This is one of the bridges which connect islands with mainland. The picture above shows the bridge to Vir island.

Bridge of Vir again. I took this photo from Privlaka - a near village on mainland.

Bridge to Vir island from the near village called Privlaka (mainland).

Vir bridge taken from our boat while we explorerd a near uninhabitated island.

One day we explored a near uninhabitated isle right besides Vir - via boat. While we were on the way back, I made this photo of the bridge.

Myself, standing on the bridge to Vir with a fantastic sunset behind.

You can have some wonderful views of sunsets right from the bridge to Vir :-)

That's the Trogirski canal bridge which connects Trogir with Ciovo island.

This is the so called "Trogirski canal bridge" in Trogir. I took this picture from the Kamerlengo fortress which is located at the end of the promenade (Click here to see my photo story about Trogir)

Closer photo of the Trogirski canal bridge.

That's a closer look onto the Trogirski canal bridge. Many of these smaller bridges in Croatia are "lifting bridges".

That's also a very cool foodbridge in Trogir.

We coincidentally discovered this beautiful foodbridge in Trogir. The turning of the bridge is impressive, isn't it?

Photo of the Zadar harbour bridge.

I also like this foodbridge in Zadar. The so called "Zadar harbour bridge" is especially beautiful at night when the bridge is lighted.

Zadar harbour bridge at night.

...I love cities at night, with all those shimmering lights - and I love lighted bridges at night :-)

Bridge near the coastal town Sibenik.

That's the bridge near Sibenik - I find it also very impressive.

Me again, sitting in front of the Sibenik bridge.

Me in front of the Sibenik bridge. Yes, I weared a jacket - it was in fall...

Bridge to Krk island.

Finally, here's a photo of the bridge which connects mainland with Krk island. This is actually the most popular bridge in Croatia which you'll find on many travel magazines and guide books.

By the way, not all bridges are free to cross.
The bridge to Krk costs 15 Kunas (2 EUR).

I hope you enjoyed my photos of Croatia bridges!

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