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When you come to Croatia, don't forget to spend a few days in the Brijuni National Park - you won't regret the decision.

The lush vegetation, crystal clear waters, and blue skies are unforgettable.

Near the Istrian Peninsula, Brijuni is a beautiful collection of islands. The main island of Veli Brijun is where the national park is located.

In the past, the island was visited by Austrian, Hungarian, and German aristocracy when Istria was still under Austro-Hungarian rule.

Photo Brijuni National Park location

The charm of the area was adored even then, and continues to be the reason why so many people come here for a vacation.

Even today important figures in Croatia visit the park and the islands of Brijuni.

In fact, one of the islands was the location of the late President Tito's residence, the former ruler of Yugoslavia.

The islands of Brijuni are separated from the mainland by the Fazana Channel, northwest of Pula. The grouping spreads out over 736 hectares to form a coastal line that stretches for 30 miles.

Short video from Brijuni - by airplane

There are many reasons why Brijuni National Park is so popular - full of natural beauty, including diverse flora and fauna, the islands that make up this unique archipelago provide a gorgeous backdrop of scenery you can enjoy while relaxing on the beach or walking through the forest.

The wildlife in the park is exciting and varied - there are 680 different plants, native and exotic, and 150 bird species. Bird watchers consider this national park a paradise.

Don't forget to view the historical remnants strewn throughout the park when you visit - evidence of settlements from thousands of years ago can still be seen in the park. Look for artifacts from the Neolithic period, explore Illyrian ruins, and examine monuments from the Byzantine era, and Middle Ages, or take a walk through architecture from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Brijuni Minor fortress, for example, was built in the 19th century and makes a fun day trip. It's the largest building ever constructed by the Austro-Hungarian naval base of Pula for defense purposes. A massive edifice, this structure covers 15, 750 square meters and is 175 meters long. Another interesting archaeological site - an ancient Roman villa with a collection of frescoes.

Stay at one of three hotels - or book a villa!

You can stay at one of three hotels in the park - Neptun, Istra, and Karmen, each offering over 200 beds. Or, book a comfortable villa to make your stay even more luxurious.

Brijuni National Park combines natural wonders with the history and culture of Croatia. No other national park offers the visitor so much all in one place. Plus, the weather is perfect in the summer to enjoy a wide range of recreational activities in one of the many bays.

It's not surprising people have come to this area over the course of history and laid down roots. A marvel of the natural world, Brijuni National Park has some of the best views in the country, and some of the most beautiful shorelines.

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