Bus from Dubrovnik to Podgora

by Armand Rroshi
(Kruje, Albania)

Excuse me please, I would like to ask you about the bus transfer from Dubrovnik. I have decided to go Podgora in the summer. Is there any bus line from Dubrovnik to Podgora?

Armand Rroshi

Croatia Travel Guides' answer Hi Armand, I noticed that you already posted to another form on the CTG website.

A note to all: The CTG (Croatia Travel Guide) website has been growing since 2007. Currently the site draws tens of thousands of visitors per month. As you can imagine, the daily flood of E-Mails is sometimes "crazy". I am still a one-man operation (I do everything myself - from customer inquiries to ebook sales and of course, the writing) and there are times were there are just not as many hours in a day that would be needed.

Nevertheless, I still try to answer each request but I want you to understand that during high season it can take a bit longer to receive a reply from me.

One more thing: I do this to help YOU! For some reason there are people who think that I owe them something...my service is 100% free and I am really not forced to answer questions that are already discussed hundreds of times on my website.

To all: Please don't get me wrong here. I really do my best to help with my experiences and tips. Actually, you wouldn't believe what (and how) some people expect that we should do for them.

But I digress :-)

Armand, yes there are busses from all major cities to Podgora - including Dubrovnik.

The busses depart from the local bus station in Dubrovnik (in the Gruz area) which is about 2,5 km outside of the old town.

You can also see the official Libertas Dubrovnik website with timetables etc.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

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