Can you hike through Croatian National Parks

by Steffica Simunovic

Dear Croatia travel guide! I am a fan of your Croatia site and want to tell you it's brilliant - I love your travel stories, the photos, everything!

I've also ties to Croatia and the last couple of years I really felt that it's time to visit my regional provenance.

My family first migrated to Canada in the 90s, then we moved to Bali due to a great job opporunity for my dad.

I've two questions and I hope that you could help me. I love nature... and I love hiking. I would love to see some of the world-famous Croatian National Parks (preferably Plitivice Lakes National Park and Krka National Park).

Now, can you hike through Croatian National Parks? Is this possible (and allowed)? And what would you recommend: Plitvice, Krka or both? I think I will have two weeks whereas I also want to visit one or two cities.

Thank you again for creating (and maintaining) this magnificent Web site - I love it! By the way - you are an inspiration for me as well. I also wanted to build an e-business around something that I love but never managed to actually start working on it.

Kudos to you!

Steffica Simunovic


Hi Steffica,

first of all, thank you very much for your kind words! That means a lot to me! Also, positive feedback like yours' is worth more than anything else because I see that my work/experiences/tips are valuable to others.

As for your questions:
Yes, you can hike through Croatian National Parks. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to hike offside the trails.

Plitvice, Krka or both? Uhm, I would personally first visit Plitvice Lakes simply because it's one of the most beautiful areas in Croatia (at least in my opinion). There are different routes that you can take through the Plitvice Lakes - you might choose the 8 hour tour wich makes a fantastic day-trip.

Then you could easily visit Krka waterfalls and two cities. That's absolutely do-able within two weeks.

Hope that helps!
Thanks again for your kind words


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