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Finding cheap flights Croatia - compare flights to Croatia

A savvy traveler knows that there are so many ways to go to exotic, beautiful locations without having to spend much money on getting there.

One good way to start your holiday to Croatia is to avail of the numerous cheap flights offered by several airlines which fly into the country several times a week.

Start by searching the numerous travel web sites on the internet that offer cheap flights to different tourist hubs in the world. To time consuming? Here is a very easy way (if not the best) to search on all these sites - at the same time. Here' how:

Cheap Flights Croatia - Timing


It would pay to compare fares offered from your home city to Croatia. It would also pay to book a flight as early as possible, since most airlines often increase their fares as the number of seats to a particular destination becomes scarcer.

  • One of the airlines that offer cheap flights to Croatia is Ryanair, which fly from London to the cities of Pula and Zadar with fares less than EUR 50.

  • Another airline that offers an affordable way to travel to Rijeka and Split is easyJet. A flight booked within the immediate next two weeks would cost an average of EUR 180.

    Those who book months in advance get to enjoy lower fare rates, for as low as just under EUR 50.

  • If you are departing from the German cities of Berlin or Stuttgart to the Croatian cities of Split and Dubrovnik, try the cheap flights offered by Germanwings.

Like easyJet, a flight booked as early as possible will cost a lot less than those that depart in the next two weeks of reservation. Another airline that offers flights from several German cities to Rijeka and Dubrovnik is TUIfly.

Sky Europe services travelers from Prague, Krakow, Bratislava, and Budapest to Split, Zadar, and Dubrovnik for about the same rate.

Those departing from the Spanish city of Barcelona can take the flights offered by clickair.

Cheap Flights Croatia - Scandinavian Countries

In the Scandinavian countries, cheap flights are offered from Norway to Rijeka, Split, and Dubrovnik by Norwegian Airlines. These flights depart from the cities of Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim.

Rates range from more than EUR 300 (for those traveling within the immediate two-week period from reservation) to as low as EUR 50 for flights departing the next month.

Other airlines such as the British Airways may not be considered as a low cost airline but still offers competitive rates from London and Manchester to Split and Dubrovnik.

Fares offered for flights booked months in advance are as low as EUR 70. This is also the case of those who booked flights offered by Aerlingus from Dublin to Dubrovnik.

Estonia Air has flights from Tallinn to Dubrovnik while Fly Globespan departs from Glasgow to Pula. Fly Thomas Cook also has several good deals for those flying from key British cities to Split. InterSky has flights departing from Friedrichshafen to Zadar while those leaving Pescara in Italy can arrive in Zadar via On Air.

A huge factor for enjoying a holiday is proper planning

Those who wish to spend their vacations in the beautiful cities and towns of Croatia should start planning for their trips months in advance, so as to avail of cheaper fares offered by airlines.

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"Wish you a safe and good flight :-)"

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