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Although your luggage content depends mainly on the season you planned your holiday for, with more than 2600 sunny hours a year, the clothes to bring to Croatia should mostly be part of your spring and summer wardrobe.

Still, if you're visiting Croatia in wintertime, especially the inland, it can get pretty cold, so sweaters and a winter coat should be a good idea.

When you start packing, consider three rules:

  1. pack the essentials so you feel appropriately dressed,

  2. pack the specials that would make you ready to face the contingencies (a romantic fine-dining evening for instance),

  3. and most of all, pack light!


According to every travel expert's advice, packing light is the leading rule of every holiday luggage, might get easier said than done!

Following the "layers" model - you choose only the clothing that can be layered as the temperature changes - would bring you closer to this advice. Packing light is essential especially if you're planning to explore Croatia by public transportation.

You wouldn't want to picture yourself in your long-planned holiday, dragging heavy luggage onto buses, trains or ferries. Don't think that if deciding for a car-rental you can take your whole wardrobe with you!

The rule is easy - the more clothes you bring, the more stuff you have to pack for every hotel check-out, and more chances you have to forget something in your hotel room.


The Adriatic coast is a sailing paradise, an invitation for a relaxed kind of holiday, so plan casual about the clothes to bring to Croatia.

  • Pack T-shirts,

  • cotton shorts,

  • a sun-hat,

  • and don't forget the cool evenings – an extra sweater and long cotton pants will give you comfort while sipping a beer on a seaside terrace or onboard in a windy evening.

For the slippery decks, a good recommendation would make a pair of rubber-sole shoes for a firm grip, to prevent foot injury. Although the Croatian coast offers many naturist beaches to enjoy a complete freedom, you wouldn't want to forget your bathing suit and bring plenty of sunscreen!


With so many romantic streets and natural parks to explore step by step, think of your legs too when packing for Croatia! You will need extremely comfortable shoes and sneakers, suggested two pairs.

This is how I am discovering all the different places in Croatia.

  1. Polo Shirt

  2. Shorts

  3. Comfortable leather sandals on hot days

  4. My camera backpack (very important) :-)

That's me in Split.

That's me in Split.

Accessories are also a must!

Especially if you're a woman, whose tendency is to pack more clothes to bring to Croatia than needed, combining the new accessories with the same casual cotton clothes will give you a new look every day.

With a little imagination, your appearance will be just like on the catwalk.

Sun hat

So don't think too much when packing the clothes to bring in Croatia! Think cotton, and don't forget a sunhat, your camera and excited buddies, ready for the Adriatic adventure :-)

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