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puuuhh - as most things in life it depends...

Generally the most expensive part in Croatia is accommodation (if you have normal spending habits). If you book a room in a mid-class hotel you can expect to pay as much as in any other European countries. So, for a three star hotel in one of the coastal cities you can expect to pay between 70 - 100 EUR per night.

If you are looking for a cheaper accommodation - I would suggest private accommodations. You can rent an apartment for something like 50 EUR per night.

As for food: if you go to the supermarket, prices are "European-average" (I don't know where you are located). But, you always have the chance to go to local food-markets with fresh vegetables, fruits, bakery products, cheese etc. Those markets are relatively cheap - and you get BIO food.

If you go to restaurants it really depends on where you want to eat. The prices along the coast are generally higher than restaurants in the hinterland. To give you an idea: you can get a pizza, salat and one soft dring for around 15 EUR in one of the prominent restaurants in Split or Zadar (coastal cities).

One tip: if you are looking for a restaurant don't choose one near the tourist promenade. Those restaurants generally have higher prices.

Sightseeing in Croatia is relatively cheap! A one day trip from Zadar to the Kornati national park (archipelago of around 150 islands and isles) includes the boat trip, one meal with a bottle of wine and a two hours break at the famous "Silver Lake". The cost is around 35 EUR per person.

The world famous (UNESCO world heritage site) Plitvice Lakes national park are also cheap to visit. You pay around 15-20 EUR.

Smaller sightseeing spots like towers or museums are cheap, too. A visit in one of the many towers costs 1.00 EUR or something like that.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

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