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Crikvenica Croatia - a nice coastal city with fantastic possibilities for water activities...

You can find the small city near the Kvarner Bay - right at the Adriatic Sea. The whole city is actually composed of many small resorts that are frequently flocked by tourists. The coastal area is just as huge as the town itself.

The secret to the booming tourism of Crikvenica will be its accessibility. There are too many ways on how you can reach the city. For one, you can simply drive, especially if you just came from Europe. You just need to make sure that you have the necessary documents, so you will be allowed to cross.

Map of Crikvenica (satellite view)

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There is also an airport in Krk island, where domestic airplanes would land. You can book a flight to Krk, and then take a ferry or a boat to Crikvenica. It's, of course, more expensive, but you will be there the shortest time possible.

You can also take your time and ride a train. Stations are basically in almost all major points of Croatia. The travel time is definitely much longer, but the price will be cheaper, and you can have the opportunity to enjoy the countryside before you arrive at your point of destination.

When Should You Visit Crikvenica?

The best time to travel to Crikvenica will be during special holidays, such as Orthodox Christmas, Labor Day, Statehood Day, Christmas, Feast of the Assumption, Croatian National Uprising Day, and New Year's Day.

You may also want to visit the place during summer and spring, when the weather is most of the time sunny, and there are plenty of water activities that you can do. You can also meet a lot of locals and other tourists, giving you more excuse to find a new friend or companion.

What About The Accommodations There?

If there's one thing that you have to think of beforehand, it will be your accommodation. The resorts have their own facilities, but it would be best if you can book ahead.

Majority of the best hotels and villas are located in Dramalj, one of the most talked-about resorts in Crikvenica. It is located near the northern portion of the Adriatic coast and around 30 kilometers away from the tip of Rijeka.

Besides the Falkensteiner Hotel Therapia Crikvenica, you can also choose to stay in their private apartments and camping grounds. They are cheaper alternatives, though the facilities will not be as luxurious as those that you can find in hotels.

Dramalj offers more than just swimming for the guests. There are various coves that you can definitely explore during your free time. The pebble beach will be of great interest to the children, who may love to play with them. It also encourages you not to wear those swimming shoes.

Every year, Dramalj comes alive with a variety of entertainment and cultural presentations for the tourists. There are also different sporting events that you can watch and even participate in.

Selce is tamer version of Dramalj. This is where you can get the most beautiful beaches and coastlines where you can stroll. There are also countless activities held almost every night, ranging from concerts, exhibits, cultural performances, and other types of shows.

"Have fund and enjoy your time in Crikvenica Croatia :-)"

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