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If you are looking for a Croatia accommodation - here are some tips.

The country of Croatia is a favorite tourist destination among international tourists.

It has all the elements of a tourism haven - clear, coastal waters, white sandy beaches, ancient ruins, tropical Mediterranean climate, accessible via land, air and sea, proximity to other attractions and delectable cuisine.

However, even with all of these factors, if you don't select the right type of accommodation on your trip, then your vacation will not be as enjoyable as you planned.

After all, you need a place that will help you

  • relax and de-stress from your work,
  • help you be rejuvenated from all your sightseeing and certainly,
  • be within reach of your budget.

In Croatia, there are a number of accommodations to choose from, ranging from the most luxurious and exclusive to the most basic and budget-friendly.

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Below you can read a few paragraphs about the major possibilities for accommodations in Croatia.

Hotels in Croatia

There are still many types of hotels, differing only in price range, location and services offered. First are the resort hotels – they're usually pricey and luxurious but it all depends on the accommodations that they have.

They may come in the form of rooms, apartments, bungalows or villas but they do offer the full range of facilities and services.

Sometimes, they even have tie-ups or partnerships with local organizations or tour groups, to enhance your vacation experience.

Seaside hotels are very much like boutique hotels, stand-alone hotels that offer a more personalized touch to its clientele, except that they're located by the beach, which is their main selling point. Other visitors may forego the other amenities in favor of being just walking distance to the water.

Also, city hotels are the same except that they're centrally located within the business district, usually preferred by people on business trips.

It all boils down to the purpose of your trip and how much you're willing to spend on your accommodations!

Here are some hotels which I think are a good decision:

Private Villas in Croatia

Private villas are one of the more luxurious accommodations on the market. Usually, private villas are offered in the more touristy destinations, like the Istrian and Dalmatian regions in Croatia.

Factors affecting the price of the villas depend on its

  1. distance and accessibility to and from the airport, the city or nearest town and the beach
  2. the type of beach
  3. the size of the villa
  4. the season and
  5. additional services like preparation of meals, cleaning, etc.

Villas can cost as much as 100 Euros per person per day.

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What About A Private Croatia Accommodation?
Rooms, Apartments and Houses

Renting of private rooms, apartments and houses work very much like private villas. You also deal with private homeowners or maybe through an agency or broker.

Additional factors include a limit on the number of persons renting the place. Naturally, you can't rent a small room if you're a family of 4 or more.

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Hostels in Croatia

Sometimes hostels are synonymous with backpackers hotels, primarily because they're typically for those with low budgets and only need the most basic amenities, like a bed and shower to pass the night.

Usually, hostels have dormitories instead of rooms but nowadays, they also offer dormitory-style private rooms for larger groups and even private rooms with en suite facilities.

In some areas, they have bars and restaurants, self-catering kitchens, Internet cafes, 24-hour opening, and other facilities. The adventure is in experiencing the different atmospheres in different hostels.

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