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Traveling to the beautiful Croatian archipelago is quite easy.

First, Croatia does not require a visa for entry. There are also no special vaccinations that a tourist must comply before traveling.

Second, Croatia is very accessible due to lot of airline carriers with daily flights to and from its many islands. Being close to Europe, one can expect the flights to be around 45 minutes from Germany or 2 hours from the United Kingdom.

Cheap tickets

Being one of the best tourist destinations in the world (at least in my eyes :-) ), airline traffic to Croatia is quite high. The tourist is therefore advised to arrange reservations days ahead of the expected date of flight.

This will ensure that the holiday trip will be as smooth as possible!

It is also good to remember that the reservation is good only for the period agreed upon. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled, and a cancellation charge will apply.

It is also useful to indicate if the reservation is done for a person who is not fit to travel alone: this includes minors with no accompanying adult, differently abled persons, and elderly people.

If the tourist will be traveling with a pet, it would be best to secure clearance from the airline as these may not be allowed.

There are airports in the major islands of Croatia. There are 68 airports in Croatia, so it is best to plan your trip well and determine which of the these airports is closest to your destination. Some of the major Croatia airports are the following:

Map of Croatian airports

Croatia Airports

International tourists can choose among Rijeka Airport, Zadar Airport, Zagreb Airport, Split Airport, and Dubrovnik Airport.

Some more Information on these Croatia airports

The airport in Zagreb, also known as "Pleso Airport", is the biggest international airport in the country. This caters to numerous domestic and international flights, as well as the Croatia's Air Force flights.

A railway station is only 10 kilometers from the airport. Thus, the farthest villages can be easily reached. Plans for expansion to 5 times its current size are being carried out to ensure greater service for tourists once the project will be finished by around 2015.

The airport in Rijeka is in Krk island, and a little far from the railway station (27 kilometers). Most of the flights here are from low-cost airlines. It is a relatively small airport, and passenger statistics have not reached 500,000 in any given year.

The airport in Split, also known as "Resnik Airport", is the second largest airport if passenger statistics will be used as basis. With more than a million passengers each year, this busy airport offers various trips daily. This airport is also carrying out plans for expansion, which will also be finished by around 2015.

The airport in Dubrovnik, also called "Cilipi Airport", is only about 15.5 kilometers from Dubrovnik City. More than a million passengers pass through this airport each year.

Domestic flights to and from the many islands of Croatia are also available daily!

"It would be best to plan trips ahead of time and to book into airlines with trips to airports nearest to your final destination."

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