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For those who wish to go on a Croatia camping adventure... this country is an ideal destination - here is why:

There are several reasons why this outdoor activity has remained popular among locals and visitors and the foremost of which is the natural beauty possessed by the country.

With eight national parks and nature reserves, there is no shortage of camping sites in virtually any part of the country. Apart from beauty, these sites also boast of peace and serenity, factors that most campers often go searching for.

The Mediterranean climate enjoyed in Croatia also makes it favorable for camping. The most ideal time to indulge in this outdoor activity is during the summer season, when the nights are comfortably cool and the sky is clear with lots of opportunity for stargazing. Those who prefer a much cooler temperature can come to Croatia during spring or fall, when the weather remains mild.

Photo of the coastline with a village built near the water and some isles

Beautiful Croatian coastline near Split (Dalmatia)

There are also numerous choices on when to set up camp in Croatia. The country has a long coastline with stretches of beautiful beaches, sheltered coves, and lush pine forests. The hinterlands of Croatia are also replete with interesting landscapes with high mountains, clean rivers and lakes, extensive wetlands, and impressive forests.

The rising trend of practicing a healthy lifestyle has also helped promote camping. With the abundance of fresh air and unpolluted natural resources, Croatia is the ideal destination for those who wish to experience the simple way of life even for just a short time.

Most of the camping areas in Croatia are located in the Kvarner bay and the Highlands, while the rest are distributed in the Dalmatian region and in the Inland Croatia. These camp sites are categorized with star ratings, in concurrence with the rest of Europe.

In relation, camping outside these designated areas is prohibited, except for the rest area camps that cater to no longer than an overnight stopover. Most campers come to the country during the months of May to October, though there are numerous camps that remain open the whole year through.

Croatia Camping Video

Most of these camps are also located on beaches, where they can fully enjoy the sand and the surf. Tourism officials are also proud to boast that more than 50 beaches in the country have been recognized internationally for being clean and well-tended, with the availability of high quality services and amenities.

In Istria, among the more notable campsites are those in

  • Funtana,
  • Labin,
  • Medulin,
  • Novigrad,
  • Puntizela, among others.

Campsites are also available on the

An inquiry with tourism authorities will also yield information on campsites located in North and South Dalmatia, as well as in the continental part of Croatia.

Another aspect of camping in Croatia is the availability of nude beaches and nude camps all over the country. In fact, there are some visitors who specifically come to Croatia to experience a holiday unencumbered with clothing and conventionality. To this end, local governments and tourist officials assure the safety and standard of services offered to those who avail of this interesting experience.

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