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Most travellers can't bring their own car.

So there is just one possibility...

... Croatia Car Rentals!

When we are in Croatia, we just love to cruise around.

Drive to a near city like Zadar, explore new beaches along the coastline or getting "off-road" to discover new sights that you can't find in the typical tourist guides!

If you got your car, you can explore the beautiful Croatian coastline...

Croatian coastline

Photo: Coast road "Adria Magistrale", between Zadar and Trogir.

Photo Croatia car rental agency in Split

You can book a car as easy as in other European countries.

Most of the major car rental companies are represented. You can find them on Croatian airports and cities.

Consider to book a package which includes the flight and the car.

This way you arrive and just have to pick up your car. It's very easy and you can concentrate on your actual trip.

For best Croatia car rentals in combination with your flight - search online at the major carriers. You can find those "packages" very quick.

To find your way around - ask for a road map directly at your car rental company. Most of them will give you one for free. Otherwise you can buy one at most of the petrol stations. I personally bought one in 2006 - they cost around 40 Kuna (around 7 EUR / US$ 11).

When talking about pricee... petrol is as expensive as in other European
countries. The unit is liter. You pay around 7.5 Kuna for one liter (around 1.10 EUR / US$ 1.60).

Of course, you can use all major credit cards. Most of the time you safe a bit because you get a better exchange rate!

Video A1: Interstate Zagreb-Split

Here's a short video about the main interstate vom north to south of Croatia (built in 2006).



Here are the most important telephone numbers ... just te be on the safe side.

Police 92
Fire department 93
Ambulance 94
Road assistance 987
General information 981

General hints - also important for croatia car rentals:

Yes, also from personal experience ... :-)

1. Always have an eye on your tank!

2. Control your car-tool-kit, just for the reason you get a flat-one ...

3. When on Adria Magistrale (coast road), be careful when the road is wet. Combined with the salt it can be really slick!

4. If there are signs "wind warning" - take it seriously!
Slow down. Especially in coast regions - you should be careful. Don't underestimate it.

Here are some "car" pictures ...

Croatian coastline with little islands

Countless little islands along the coast ...
Photo: Also shot from car while driving down to Trogir.

Croatian highway to Velebit

Photo: Highway up to mountain "Velebit" 1.

Croatian highway to Velebit

Photo: Highway up to mountain "Velebit" 2.

Car on Croatian island Vir

Photo: Discovered a nice beach on Vir island.

Final advice: Compare rates for Croatia car rentals!

"Have a good and safe journey!"

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