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Croatia Dalmatia is a known tourist region in Croatia, located in the central Adriatic coast that stretches from the mountain range of North Velebit to the southern part of Dubrovnik.

It is an area that is replete with history and cultural heritage, as well as natural attractions that have attracted visitors from all over the country and world.

It is one part of the country that enjoys a warm climate, with lots of sunny days and cool nights ideal for outdoor exploration and activities.

The region is also composed mostly of unspoiled paradise left untouched by pollution. The rivers of the area are considered some of the cleanest in the continent and the air is clean and pure.

Its secluded bays and white beaches are ideal for mooring or anchoring yachts and other small sailing vessels.

One of the natural treasures of Croatia Dalmatia is the Mljet National Park, situated in an island located in the southernmost part of the country. Within the island is a lake with an island in the middle.

During the 12th century, a Benedictine monastery was built in this island that has become a popular landmark in the area. Around the island is a reef composed of red coral, a vivid attraction for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts.

Visitors staying in Dubrovnik can take day trips to islands of Elafiti where there are several beautiful beaches to explore.

Another unusual destination in Dalmatia is the garden of Trsteno, considered to be the oldest renaissance garden in the region. In this garden, ancient trees surround a fountain with sculptures of Neptune with nymphs.

Bird watching enthusiasts should head out to the Pantan swamp, located nearby the town of Trogir. The swamp is a resting place for birds as they migrate during the autumn season.

One importance of the Jadro River is found within its waters, the soft-mouthed trout. Because of its rarity, the river has been designated as a special ichthyologic reserve.

Another famous destination in Dalmatia is the Vranjaca Cave, which is found in the hinterland of Split. Visitors can explore its interesting interior at ease, as the corridors are well-lighted, with the trail running along the whole length of the cave.

On the island of Bisevo is another similar attraction, the Modra Spilja or the Blue Cave. Visitors get to behold its special light effects made by refracted sunlight inside the cave itself.

On the island of Brac is the St. Peter's Church, which visitors from all over the country head out to view an interesting attraction - a black pine growing on the roof of the church.

There are also several national parks located in Croatia Dalmatia that are worth exploring. The Krka National Park is actually an archipelago full of interesting flora and fauna while the Kornati National Park that also have an extensive reef system with rich marine biodiversity.

The Paklenica National Park is where Mt. Velebit is located. This mountain is considered a world biosphere reserve, home to numerous interesting plants and animals. One rock formation, the Anica kuk, is a popular destination among rock climbers in the country. The forested areas of this national park are still in its virgin forms and are considered great natural heritage to the country.

Another natural attraction worth visiting is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which features several beautiful lakes and stunning waterfalls.

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