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Is Croatia fishing something you want to do on your next trip?

Croatia is one of the ideal destinations in Europe when it comes to recreational fishing.

With the Adriatic Sea and its freshwater lakes and rivers teeming with almost all kinds of fishes, there is always something for every avid - and even casual - fishing enthusiast who come visiting.

With ample fishing spots all over the country, each one is assured of a quite spot to throw a line in and enjoy nature's beauty and serenity.

Fishing has also become an inherent activity among Croatians and there is no dearth of information and tips to be had from the locals.

Croatia Fishing: Where To Start?

The first thing to do in order to indulge in this activity is to obtain a fishing license or permit from local authorities or travel agents located in all coastal towns in the country.

This license is given after the applicant presents proof of identity, such as passport or other valid IDs.

The applicant also has a choice of obtaining a license that's good

  • for a day
  • a week
  • or a month.

Among the licenses issued are those for underwater spear-gun fishing, recreational angling, hand trolling, tuna fishing, and long lining. There are also special limitations applicable to aquatoria of national parks.

Before embarking on a fishing trip, first time participants should also check first on the regulations regarding the tackle and equipment allowed for a particular fishing activity.

Different months of the year are suitable for catching different fish species. Those who indulge in this activity during April are likely to catch tunnis that weight an average of 10 kilograms each.

Fishing from boat

Fishing from boat

Something that I personally don't support is bating and catching shark - moslty during the later part of May or the beginning of June, when blue sharks and thresher sharks frequent the coastal waters of the country...

Blue fin tunas are abundant during the month of August, when there is a possibility of landing a catch as heavy as 500 kilograms!

Croatia Fishing:
Ask Lokal Fishermen For "Insider" Tips

Local fishermen can also be solicited for information on the ideal local fishing spots where blue fins are known to frequent the whole year through, as these particular fish species is known not only to inhabit the deeper parts of the sea but also to frequently visit estuaries and river channels.

Another fish species that fishermen from all over Europe and the world come to catch is the broadbill swordfish, in which each fishing trip is expected to be both exciting and fulfilling.

Side trips to the numerous islands along the Adriatic coast will also yield catches of amberjack while deep sea fishing expeditions may also provide opportunities to land albacores.

Note: Not to fish... but so beautiful to see! The Adriatic Sea is a also home to the dolphin fish during most times of the year.

For added excitement and challenge, recreational fishermen may also charter boats for night fishing.

Video Of Big Game Fishing Competition In The Adriatic (9:53 min.)

Please note: ALL fish are released to the ocean as you can see in the video!

River- And Lake Fishing

The rivers and lakes in the country are considered some of the cleanest in the world, teeming with all kinds of freshwater fishes, particularly the trout.

An additional bonus is the spectacular and unspoiled sceneries enjoyed as one embarks on fishing trips inland.

In preparation to its accession into the European Union, the Croatian government has suspended contesting a fishing zone that has become an issue with neighbors Slovenia and Italy.

Though this dispute affects the fishing industry more than recreational fishing activities, it still has an impact on those offering big game fishing tour packages.

"Good luck and have a great time!"

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