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I wrote this article about "Croatia honeymoon" and the possibilites here to show you why its' a serious alternative to "Hawaii" or the "Carribean" :-)

The tiny country of Croatia - full of sunlight, lush vegetation, gorgeous beaches, and undying love.

Indeed, when you're still wondering where you'd go right after your wedding, Croatia offers plenty of honeymoon getaways and surprises that will surely make your first trip as married couple truly memorable :-)

Couple in chairs enjoying the sunset

Couple at sunset

There are many hotels, inns, guest houses, apartments, and other forms of accommodation for you and your loved one; thus, you're definitely sure that you can have something to stay on for the rest of your trip.

Just to get you good head start, you can stay at Dubrovnik Palace, which is found in Lapad, a Croatian peninsula. It's basically surrounded by sea, and has one of the most magnificent views of the body of water that all of the rooms - 398 of them - have their own private balcony.

Private balcony with woman

It would surely get both of you in the mood for some fun under the sun or for even just a morning stroll when you're greeted by the warm sunshine.

Any couple would absolutely want to have some privacy on their Croatia honeymoon, and fortunately, there are too many choices that you can find right at Croatia. If you're not planning to stay too long, you can always drop by the national park in Kornati Islands.

There are hundreds of unexplored islands, where you can bask in the sun or cruise along. You can also venture into Cresisland and Valun Islands.

They are so small that they are seldom visited by locals and tourists, but for a couple, these places are nature's gifts to them :-)

There's also nothing more captivating than walking hand in hand, as you take down the country's memory lane. There are various architectures and establishments scattered all over Croatia that will talk about the influences of Romans in their culture, as well as their union with Yugoslavia before.

Promenade of Trogir

What I can absolutely encourage you to visit during your "Croatia honeymoon" is the beautiful town of Trogir. The old town is one of the six Unesco world heritage sites in Croatia. Have a look at my photo series about Trogir or read my separat article about this beautiful town.

However, if you want to maximize your time and see as many historical places as possible, don't forget to go to the fishing village of Lovran. You can always rent a yacht and then dock it in the port. You can then take the narrow streets that will lead you to hundreds of medieval houses, baroque churches, and centuries-old buildings.

Besides frolicking in the beach during daytime or skinny dipping at night, you will also definitely enjoy some island hopping.

There are various boats and yachts that you can charter. You don't want to miss out Lokrum and Lopud. They can both give you some of the best sunset view in the world, especially when both of you are on top of the boat deck.

This memory shared together will be something you want to keep in your heart and mind for the rest of your lives.

Croatia honeymoon - great sunset from boat near Split

Anita and I where on a ferry-trip from Brac island to Split. Just before we arrived the harbor - there was this romantic sunset. The atmosphere was wonderful and it was a great memory for both of us.

End every trip with a special romantic dinner in any of the seaside restaurants in Croatia. Their food, which will remind of the best Mediterranean dishes, will feed the heart, body, and soul.

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"Most of all, take snapshots of what could be the greatest escapade both of you will ever do in your lifetime. I wish you all the best on your Croatia honeymoon trip!"

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