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Here you can find valuable information about your favorite Croatia islands.

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Nice video of popular Croatia islands (1:36 min.)

1. Krk Island

Every year people flock to the Krk island, located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. Come to this island for the beauty, the people, and the wonderful beaches!... read more >>>

2. Losinj Island

People visit Losinj island to enjoy some peace and quiet. Because it's not a major tourist destination, travelers often visit to enjoy nature without the hubbub you find on the other, more popular islands. The views are spectacular, and there are many opportunities to have fun once you arrive... read more >>>

3. Molat Island

Molat island offers the visitor calm and solitude that you don't get on the other, busier islands. There are numerous secret beaches you can discover, as well as hidden bays perfect for swimming... read more >>>

4. Rab Island

Visit Rab island for the amazing weather, especially in the summer! Swim in the warm waters of the ocean, relax on the sandy beaches or choose from a variety of fun activities... read more >>>

5. Susak Island

Susak island is a nice quiet retreat from the mainland of Croatia with amazing sandy beaches and gorgeous rocks - a combination you can't find anywhere else... read more >>>

6. Vir Island

Come to Vir island for its well-known seafood cuisine, the fabulous beaches - ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports and enjoy a visit to the ruins of ancient Roman architecture... read more >>>

7. Olib Island

The rich history that Olib island nurtures is awe-inspiring such that people from all over the region and world would come back from time to time. Discover this beautiful island in the Adriatic... read more >>>

8. Elaphite Islands

See, hear, smell, and feel the beauty of nature here at the Elaphite islands. Choose from the islands of Kolocep, Lopud, or Sipan and enjoy beautiful and panoramic sunsets from the islands themselves... read more >>>

9. Kornati Islands (Kornati National Park)

Kornati National Park or Kornati Archipelago contains 147 cliffs, islets, and islands and is famous by many sailors who often describe the region as "heaven on earth"... read more >>>

10. Korcula Island

Korcula island is a popular tourist destination in southern Croatia, ideal for boating on the blue waters surrounding the island, and boasts a diverse and interesting cultural heritage... read more >>>

11. Cres Island

Cres island in the Kvarner bay is well known for it's wildlife. Come here via ferry, by boat or take the lift bridge which connects Losinj island with Cres... read more >>>

12. Vis Island

Vis island is a hotbed for tourism. More and more people are coming to Vis for the spectacular views, friendly people, good wine along with the traditional cuisine and nice weather... read more >>>

13. Pag Island

Pag island is very rocky and some even say that it looks like the moon surface. Nevertheless, there are stunning beaches wih crystal clear blue water... read more >>>

Please note that I continuously add new articles to the Croatia islands section.

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