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Croatia Landscape in three words: Diverse. Interesting. Breathtaking.

Being near the Adriatic Sea doesn't necessarily make Croatia an aquatic region, though the Mediterranean waters definitely add to the charm of the country.

The landscape of Croatia is, in fact, very varied. The diversity makes it possible for the traveler to enjoy wide varieties of activities all throughout the year!

Croatian mountains

The mountain ranges of Ucka and Velebit, to name a few, never fail to interest spelunkers all over the world. This is because there are countless caves that you can find. What's more, since most of the time the climate is warm, you are safer to venture into any of them.

Velebit mountain range

That's a zoomed photo of the Velebit mountain range.
I've created a separat article about the Croatian mountains.

The caves in Croatia are divided into different categories. Those who are already well experienced in caving can go to Jopiceve Cves, Gracac 2, Ponorac Caves, Slovacka, and Stara Skola in Biokovo, among others.

They also have the right techniques and gears to withstand the various physical obstacles that they may meet along the way. Those who have no experience or are amateurs can proceed to the tourist caves, such as Manita Cave, Sipun, and Lokvarka. There are normally guides, who can assist you all throughout the tour.

The Croatian coast

Of course, when I write a Croatia landscape article I have to mention the coast. And since the coastline is one of the things you HAVE to visit in Croatia, I have written a separat article about the Croatian coastline.

Croatian coast

The beautiful Croatian coast.
This picture shows the costal town "Novi Vinodolski".

If there are caves, there are also mountains that generally cover most of the mainland of Croatia.

Hills of the Velebit mountain range

Typical Croatia landscape.
Hills of the Velebit mountain range (Croatian region: Also see my Dalmatia coast article).

Some portion of the mountain ranges belongs to the Alps. That's why the weather there is much colder, perfect for mountain skiing or vacationing in a ski lode.

The Dinaric mountain range is one of the most popular. It has a very deep karst, which is actually a favorite among adventurers.

However, it's because of this that there aren't really a lot of lush vegetation in the area. The weather is also a lot harsher. The lower ones like Gorski kotar have much better temperature and environmental condition, though.

The Medvednice Mountain has several ski slopes, where you can take your skiing clothing and gears with you. The complexity of the terrain makes it easier to develop skiing paths with different levels of difficulty.

Croatian islands and beaches

Croatia is composed of almost 1185 islands and close to a hundred reefs. It's no wonder that there are plenty of islands, nature parks, and beaches that you can find in the country.

Boats near Zlatni rat beach on Brac island

Sailboats ankering in a bay right beside the famous Zlatni Rat beach on Brac island.
If you are interested, I made a photo series about this top beach.

The nice thing about them, moreover, is that the islands are totally independent or different from each other. No matter how small they can be, they always have something that will make them unique. Krk Island is considered to be the biggest, while the highest is Brac.

The weather of the islands is normally sunny, but the one that gets the most sunlight is actually Hvar.

Bridges in Croatia

Maslina bridge

I was on the maslina bridge and took a photo of a second bridge (direction to Pag island).
Croatia landscape - memories for life.

Because Croatia has so many beautiful bridges, I've created a separat article about Croatian bridges. Click here to see more photos of bridges in Croatia.

There are also different bodies of water that you can see in Croatia. The rivers, for example, actually come form the Black and the Adriatic Seas. The rivers that are found within the cities and islands are bigger and more peaceful. You can simply cruise your way through them.

Those that are found near the coasts are shorter. There are also lakes and bays. Most of these bodies of water are part of natural parks, of which Croatia has 10 of them.

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