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Croatia real estate - a serious and favorable alternative to other European top spots...

There are several good reasons to purchase a property in Croatia. For one, the country has been increasingly recognized for its tourism.

There are a lot of natural and man made attractions located in this country, most of them associated with its rich history and culture.

Compared to other destinations in Europe, Croatia is still considered to be affordable and well within the reach of most travelers.

Coming in to this country is also not a major budget consideration, since there are a lot of low-coast flights offered by numerous airlines from several cities in Europe. The government has also expressed its commitment in keeping its natural attractions unspoiled and unpolluted.

With these conditions, rising number of international visitors are expected to be attracted to come into the country in the next decade or so.

Croatia real estate

Nice holiday villas along the Croatian coast

Croatia is also experiencing economic growth, manifested in improved infrastructure and services. For this, the country is fast gaining recognition in the international community. With its expected accession into the European Union, it will also take on further participation in international matters and issues.

With improved governance and changing planning regulations, conditions for real estate developments are fast becoming favorable in Croatia. This has translated into rising property prices in most urban areas of the country, a condition that is expected to continue in the years to come.

For the reasons stated above, it really makes good sense to invest in real estate in Croatia. There are a lot of potential properties all over the country that promise good return of investment!

Additionally, the influx of tourists into the country has increased the demand for hotels and accommodations, ranging from upscale to affordable.

Croatia Real Estate In Dalmatia

The above scenario is particularly telling in the Dalmatian region, where it's sunny and beautiful :-)

With the right timing and proper understanding of the market, a savvy investor will surely have much to gain, particularly in areas where much of its properties are still undervalued.

There are also a lot of properties to choose from, ranging from apartments to single family houses to sprawling estates.

Though prices are understandably higher in town and city centers, house values are expected to go lower as one goes farther from the town center.

Croatia Real Estate In Istria


Another region in Croatia that is slowly recognized for its real estate value is Istria, where the climate is favorable all year round. In fact, this province is even said to be comparable to Tuscany or Provence, known tourist hubs in Italy and France, respectively.

Taxation in Croatia is also quite favorable, especially to foreign retirees. There are also discounts and rebates offered to those who own yachts. Foreign income and pension are also tax-free.

With the relaxation of some of the real estate rules in the country, foreigners are now allowed to purchase properties in Croatia, provided they obtain permissions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Legal Affairs. Mortgage funding is also available to foreign nationals, a factor expected to enhance the real estate market in Croatia.

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