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Every Croatia vacation has it's unforgettable moments. When I think about Croatia I see the beautiful coastline, historical towns, the crystal clear blue sea and much more. We saw and experienced many special moments in Croatia.

Glad to say that we carry a camera most of the time :-)

But over the years we also found out that there are those "super special moments"! I mean those magic memories you think about all year long. I bet you know what I mean. You can literally smell, hear and experience those moments.

What was your super special moment in Croatia?

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Sitting in a cafe at the promenade of Split, have drinks and some snacks while the sun radiate it's last rays on the blue water... and then enjoy the deep red and orange colors while the sun slowly disappears behind the water.

Those moments are so outstanding!

It wasn't easy for me to choose my best photos with the greatest memories. You have to know that I currently have over 13,000 photos on my computer :-). It's not easy to choose THE most special moment! So, here is a selection of our most-special and most-magic moments in Croatia...

Croatia vacation sunset Zadar

Let's begin with one of my favorite sunset pictures. We took this photo from the "sea organ" in Zadar. The fishing boat crossed the picture just at the right moment.

I remember the fantastic atmosphere, the warm breeze, the salty smell of the ocean and the orange-red sunset. Anita and I am so thankful for this special moment. It will always be in our memories...

Mountain on Brac island

Best tip for a Croatia vacation? Well, there are too many great places but I will always remember our trip to Brac island and the famous Zlatni Rat beach. We took the ferry from Split and arrived at Supetar.

From here we drove up a mountain (700 m high) and found this fantastic place with a breathtaking view. You can even see Split at the horizon!

Brac island

Another picture which reflects my memories about the beautiful croatian coastline. I also took this photo on Brac island.

You can see the turquoise to deep blue see. I love those colors and it always reminds me on our trips up-and-down the Croatian coast :-)

Bridge in Zadar

I love cities at night! It's some kind of a magical feeling for me. A warm breeze, historical town and all those nice different colors! I took this photo from the bridge right before the city gate of Zadar.

Zadar by night

Shimmering lights on the water in Zadar. I could watch it hours and hours...

We had a cup of cappuccino in the "VIP Cafe" in Zadar. The bridge was lighted and there were all different colors of red.

On the left side of the picture you can see the city walls and behind you will get to the old town of Zadar.

View towards sunset from the bridge to Vir island.

This photo of the wonderful sunset behind Vir island absolutely belongs to our most-magic-moments. By the way, I took this photo from the bridge which connects Vir with mainland.

Vir island beach bar

I picked this photo of our favorite beach bar on Vir island. It's name is "Shark". We had so many great beach parties and dozens of great evening with delicious drinks....hmmmmmm :-)

Sunset at Vir island

Anita and I on Vir island while the sun goes down.

You might think I am addicted to sunsets.... yes, that's definitely true :-) Nevertheless, sunsets are always a great memory on a croatia vacation.

That's it for the moment. Please don't hesitate to send me your most magic moments when you take a Croatia vacation.

And of course, I will add more pictures with "magic moments" soon. It's so much fun to share those moments with YOU! :-)

"The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it."
- Rudyard Kipling

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