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Your vacation isn't complete if you do not spend some time on those beautiful Croatian beaches...

This page gives you an overview of the major beaches in Croatia. To find out more - please just follow the links.

Though most of the beaches of Croatia are pebbly, there are still some notable sandy ones that visitors from all over the world return to year after year.

And why not, when the waters are blue and clear while the sceneries along the coastline are wild and unspoiled?

Beach at the Croatian coast

Some swimmers at the coast

Croatia also has numerous sheltered coves that offer absolute privacy and would make bathers feel like they have the world to their own.

  If you want to go straight to the beach of your choice - simply follow the links below.
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  Rovinj beaches    
  Zrce beach Pag island  
  Zlatni Rat beach
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Brac island  

Here's a rundown on some of the famous beaches, both coastal and inland, found all over Croatia.

Visitors staying in Sibenik should not miss a visit to the Krka National Park where there are numerous lakes and waterfalls to enjoy. The lower lake of the park is actually accessible to swimmers and bathers who wish to take a dip after exploring this extensive hinterland attraction.

Most of the islands of Croatia have spectacular beaches to offer and the Pakleni Islands are no exception. Hiring a private boat or boarding a ferry from Hvar island will take visitors to this magnificent group of islands. There are several beaches to choose from such as the Stipanska and Zdrilica on the island of Marinkovac, the single beach of Palminzala in Sv. Klement, and the naturist beach of Sv. Jerolim.

From Dubrovnik, a ferry service is available to the Lokrum Island, where visitors have the choice of frolicking either in the small lake that is quite safe for the children to swim in or in the rocky beaches of the island that has some sheltering groves.

Beach on Lokrum island

Here you see a beautiful rocky beach on Lokrum island

Croatian Beaches: There Are Also Sandy Beaches

For those who absolutely insist on visiting sandy beaches, heading out to the Rab island and to the village of Lopar will yield some enjoyable experiences. All over the village are several tiny bays that feature sandy beaches, including the famous Paradise Beach, known for its shallow yet warm waters and fine, white sand.

Visitors who forego swimming can take advantage of the many sporting facilities surrounding the beach, as well as the numerous restaurants and bars present in the area.


Tip: Those seeking to enjoy a bit of privacy can just walk a few distance to reach sheltered coves - I bet you'll love it :-)

Croatian Beaches: Plenty Of Possibilitis For Privacy

Relative privacy is also offered at the beach below the village of Stara Baska in the island of Krk. Though pebbly, it is still full of unspoiled sceneries and there is no crowd to contend with even during the summer season, owing to the fact that the beach is accessible only after going down a steep path from the town.

Here, visitors can enjoy a swim or two in the sparkling waters without cares or worries.

Private cove

Great view down through some green plants at a hidden blue beach - perfect for some privacy :-)

You should also take the time to head out to Brela Beach, located in the southern part of Brac Island. The beach is actually a part of a pebble cape that stretches out to the open sea.

Here, visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or indulge in several water sports. A promenade connects this beach with the equally famous Zlatni Rat beach.

Zlatni Rat beach on Brac island

One of the top-ranked beaches in Croatia:
Zlatni Rat beach (photo gallery) on Brac island

Croatia Is The #1 Destination For Nudist Beaches

There are also several beaches in Croatia that cater to a particular activity or sport. Such are the several naturist or nudist beaches located all over. On the island of Cres is the Baldarin beach, situated well within a well-equipped naturist camp.

Visitors can also head out to the islet of Proizd, near the bigger island of Korcula. Here, naturism enthusiasts can bathe in its crystalline waters while the rocks on the beach provide shelter and privacy.

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There are also Croatian beaches ideal for windsurfing, such as the Preluk Bay in Opatija and the beach located right on the town of Premantura, in the region of Istria.

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