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The Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world, spanning the gorgeous waters of the Adriatic Sea.

If you visit Croatia it's impossible to leave the coastal towns and cities off your itinerary.

In fact, the coast is one of the main draws bringing tourists to the area each year.

It's no wonder - the coastal region offers amazing beaches, spectacular views of the ocean, and great weather. You can't be disappointed with a trip to Croatia's beautiful coastal regions!

Croatian coast from a bench

Beautiful view over the Croatian Coast from a bench.

A large part of Croatian history unfurled on the coast. One of the most distinguishable archipelagos in the world, the coast has been host to Mediterranean civilization and history over thousands of years.

The cultural influences in this area are renowned the world over. It's no surprise that along the coast there are many ancient ruins that serve as a testament to the country's rich and diverse history.

Coastline of Dalmatia

Coastline in Dalmatia - close to Split.

Croatia is often called "Land Of Thousand Islands" - that's wrong...

...there are actually 1,185 :-)

Croatia's coast is situated on the eastern side of the Adriatic - Croatia covers the Adriatic Sea from the Savudrija peninsula in the west to the Prevlaka peninsula in the southeast. The coast is actually 1,778 kilometers in length on the mainland and contains 1,185 islands, islets, and rocks.

Photo of a tiny island along the coast

Isle near Primosten.

Actually, the coast is considered one of the best indented coasts in the world. If you enjoy sailing, the Croatian coast is considered one of the best sailing spots worldwide, right up there with the Caribbean.

The Croatian coast is renowned for its beauty and magnificence - the towns and cities located along the coastline are also some of the most beautiful in the country.

Whether you're visiting Croatia for historical sites or to take in the natural beauty of the area, visiting the coast is definitely a MUST.

There are countless tourist destinations located along the coast that you just can't miss on a visit to the country. Dubrovnik is one such destination that vacationers never fail to visit. If you're planning a trip to Croatia, don't forget to include the coast on your itinerary.

A Taste Of Croatia's Coast (1:0 min.)

Croatia takes up almost half of the mainland coast of the Adriatic. You can divide the Croatian coast into three parts: Istria, Croatian Primorje and Kvarner.

The coastal region of Croatia is attractive for more than just the beautiful indentation. The relief is also unique, giving the coast a magnificent view you just can't get anywhere else. The famous mountain Velebit actually covers 120km of the coastal region along the sea. It's truly an amazing sight.

The climate of Croatia's coast is another positive aspect. It has a gentle climate that is amenable to most people, making it perfect for taking a holiday.

The narrowness of the coast and the islands gives rise to a moderate Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers that is much more attractive than the sub-Mediterranean climate of the interior regions. In the summertime the average temperature on the coast is between 22 and 25 degrees.

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