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If you visit Croatia one of the best things you can do is enjoy the local cuisine. Croatian food is fantastic!

As in many parts of Europe, Croatians are passionate about their food and the result is a smorgasbord of different flavours and tastes containing fresh ingredients that will make your mouth water.

It's important to Croatians that food is fresh and prepared correctly. After you try some Croatian delights, you'll probably want to make them for yourself when you go home :-)

Croatian food market Once you arrive in Croatia you'll find that dining in the country is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The great thing about Croatian cuisine is that you can find very good food everywhere you go for a reasonable price. If you're traveling on a budget you won't have trouble finding delicious local food for very low prices.

The Croatian food differs slightly depending on the region in which you're traveling. For example, the cuisine is slightly different on the coast in comparison to the interior.

Coastal flavours are predominantly found in Dalmatia and Istria, while interior treats can be found around Zagorje, Zagreb, and northwestern Croatia. Slavonian cuisine from east Croatia is a third type of food you may encounter on your travels through the country.

Here's a list of a few of the Croatian food items you'll probably come across as you move through the country:

Burek - one of my favourites :-)


This is a delicious pastry filled with heavy cheese, meat, or apples. This was one of the main dishes for farmers and fishermen in the former Yugoslavia.

In fact, it was eaten for breakfast. Everywhere you go you'll see large trays of burek in shop windows and even at fast food stops.



This is a spicy meatball made of beef or pork. Many cultures have a similar food in their cuisine, and this is Croatia's answer.


This is basically a shish kabob, Croatian style. It's a great way to grab a quick snack, and very delicious!



You'll recognize this when you see it - it's basically a crepe dessert. This delicious pancake is usually stuffed with an ingredient such as walnuts or chocolate, and is often served with ice cream. You can't really go wrong with this one.


This dish contains Swiss chard that is boiled and then served with olive oil, potatoes, and garlic. Mostly served as a side dish, you'll find this meal throughout Croatia.

Pag Cheese

Pag cheese

A specialty of the island of Pag, this special cheese has a sharp flavour and is made from sheep's milk cheese.

It's considered a delicacy in Croatia. Often served as an appetizer, you'll see it with thinly sliced olives on the side.


Seafood is big in Croatia for obvious reasons - the coastal towns and islands are specially known for their seafood. This dish contains dried cod, which can be prepared in many different ways and is usually only served on Christmas Eve.



This may seem funny, but you can actually get very good pizza in Croatia.

It may be a traditionally Italian dish, but that doesn't mean Croatians don't know how to make it right. In most places the dough will be homemade and on the thicker side.

Grilled Fish

Fresh Croatian seafood.

With over 5000 km of coastline (coast and the islands) you can imagine that there is a variety of fish. Actually, you won't find somthing like a frozen fish or so. It's all fresh of the Adriatic sea!

One tip if you want to grill yourself. Nearly every coastal city has a harbor and if you want to get your fish directly from the fisherman - get up early in the morning and ask someone in the harbor. You will get first class fresh fish with for a very reasonable price. Indeed, if you make a small conversation with them you sometimes get a bag full of fish for a couple of Dollars/Euros/Kunas. Try it out!

Traditional Croatian ham with cheese.

If you are ever guest within a Croatian household, chances are good that you will be served one of THE traditional Croatian standard meals: the famous ham in combinition with cheese.

Croatian meat

Well, there's not much to add... the Croatian cousine relies heavily on meat. Indeed, in all possible variations.

Croatian candies are a must on weddings.

Last but not least - the Croatian candies. You can get candies in all varieties. Yes, it's a calory trap, but one is better than the other :-)

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