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When it comes about the Adriatic coast, the first words coming in mind are sailing, sailing, sailing!

With fifty Croatian marinas, a dramatic coastline and thousands of islands and islets, this generous area is the dream of each sailing enthusiast!

The majority of the Croatian marinas were built in the last thirty years, and all are set in amazing locations - either big historic cities either romantic island coves. Many of them were awarded with the Blue Flag for the environment consciousness and are opened year round. Cafes and restaurants abound in each marina, as well as nautical equipment shops.

Croatian marina at Ciovo island (Trogir).

The marina at Ciovo island (opposite to Trogir).

Zoomed photo of the marina at Ciovo island (Trogir).

Zoomed photo of some sailboats at Ciovo's marina.

Not long ago, you would've considered a fault in finding a small number of berths for larger yachts, comparing to other Mediterranean marinas is French, Italy or Spain.

From year to year, the conditions of the Croatian marinas are improving, being now equipped to accept small and large vessels - so even if you owe a huge yacht you will find plenty of room to cast anchor along the coast.

Beverly yacht.

Huge yacht in Trogir.

And there's more!

Along with quality berths, trawl lift facilities, derricks, and slipways, these marinas offer an increasing number of excellent ship maintenance services.

Rarer on islands, you will find the biggest number of marinas along the Istrian coast and between Zadar and Vodice, offering services from basic (for instance Zut or Piskera marinas) to very extensive for the most demanding of you in Umag, Hramina, Frapa or Dubrovnik marinas.

Marina of the beautiful town Supetar (Brac island).

This is the great marina of Supetar - coastal town of Brac island.

More than twenty commercial Croatian marinas have independent operations, some are under single ownership (Zadar, Tribunj or Primosten marinas), and twenty-one are part of the powerful ACI Club. You can tour the entire eastern Adriatic coast only sailing from one marina to another in ACI Club chain.

What are the costs per day?

Prices vary around 40 Euros one day stay to around 5000 Euros one year berthing for a small vessel.

If costs are too high and you're just transiting, you can always go for a municipal or sports marina (as many of the club vessels leave the harbors during peak seasons) offering almost same quality but for half the commercial marinas price.

Great options for such marinas are available in Pula, Zadar, Rijeka, Split.

During summer there are also the fishing clubs and the small harbors offering berthing places, for instance in Gruz port of Dubrovnik or Delfin club in Veruda port of Pula.

Make sure you announce your arrival in time to the seamen, and you just won a seventy percent discount comparing to the commercial marinas!

Marina in Split - motor yachts and deep blue Adriatic.

Entrance to the marina of Split.

Marina in Split - luxury motor yachts.

As you can see - the marina of Split is larger (and houses many beautiful yachts).

Marina in Split - closer view onto luxury motor yachts.

Luxury motor yachts in the marina of Split.

Marina in Split - photographed from ferry.

I took this photo of the marina in Split with large boats from a ferry.

If you're exploring your romantic side while sailing along the Adriatic coast, you will definitely find the local small local harbors more charming than marinas.

You will simply fall in love with the authentic ambiance, the local fishermen smiles and the picturesque mix of seaside colors and you will feel like berthing into a postcard in the local harbors of Cavtat, Korcula, Hvar, Visisland, Dubrovnik, Porec or Rovinj.

Marina near Biograd (Dalmatia).

Marina near Biograd - see the huge motor yachts behind?

Whenever you decide to cast anchor in one of the Croatian marinas, just remember to announce your arrival over channel 17 - the charming atmosphere and the excellent services will assure you a great stay and a lovely start for your next route.

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