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The Croatian mountains may not be the highest in the world, rising no higher than 2,000m, but that doesn't make them not worth seeing...

In fact, quite the opposite! The mountains in Croatia are some of the most beautiful ranges in the world.

The most popular mountains make up part of the Dinaric Range. The Dinaric Mountains are mostly comprised of limestone and are very rocky. The mountains located in the interior of the country are slightly lower in elevation and contain more forest. They are also much older and easier to access.

Croatian mountain right behind the costal town Senj

That's me up a mountain right behind the coastal town Senj.
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When it comes to mountain climbing, most people climb the Medvednica Mountain and the Samobar Mountain range because they're so close to Zagreb and contain a wide array of trails, comfortable lodges, and other attractions in which people are interested.

A few kilometers away is the Zumberak mountain range - this is also an interesting mountain area to visit. It peaks at St. Gera and the mountains of Hrvatsko Zagorje (Ivanscica, Strahinjscica, Kalnik, Ravna Gora, Cesargradska Gora, and the mountain range of Kostelsko).

The Croatian mountains in the area of Slavonia include Psunj, Papuk, Krndija and Dilj. Gorski Kotar is another mountainous area in Croatia that has several hiking trails in Velika Kapela, Bijele and Samarske Cliffs, Bjelolasica, Bitoraj, Risnjak, and Klek by Ogulin.

To enjoy the tallest and most beautiful mountains in the country, you have to visit the seaside.

Dinaric mountain range near Split

I took this photo from the ferry which connects Split and Brac island and it shows part of the Dinaric mountain range. You have fantastic views along the Croatian coast!

Of course, Velebit is the most famous mountain range due to its beauty, height, and spectacular views.

Go to Ucka and Cicarija in Istria, Obruc and Snjeznik in Hrvatsko Primorje, and the mountains of Dalmatia. Dinara has the highest peak in Croatia at 1831m. Also check out Biokovo, Kozjak, Svilaja, Promina, and Mosor.

Valley and Velebit mountain range

That's me enjoying the fantastic view over a vallay and the Velebit mountain range.

Velebit mountain range

This picture also shows part of the Velebit mountain range. You can also see the "highway" to Rijeka (Sveti Rock tunnel up the mountain).

Also, don't forget to visit island mountains such as those located on Brac (Vidova Gora, which is 780m high. This is the highest peak on all the Croatian islands). Don't forget Cres island, Losinj island, Hvar island, Vis island, Krk island, Kornati archipelago, and more.

Photo from mountain in Brac island

Brac island has great mountains with spectacular views over the Adriatic and the Croatian coast. On the picture you can even see Split in the background. The charming town below is "Supetar" and there is still our ferry in the harbor (lower right corner) :-).

The great thing about Croatian mountains is that they are relatively easy to climb and contain many great attractions and destinations that you can enjoy along the way.

There's so many things you can do while climbing the Croatian mountains - it's easy to create fantastic memories when you explore the natural side of the country.

Climbing the Anica kuk cliff (Paklenica National Park)

This is the climbing spot "Anica kuk".
This cliff rises 350m high and is located in the Paklenica National Park.

Here is a list of the tallest mountains in Croatia:

The Croatian Coast:

Dinara - 1831 m
Kamesnica - 1809 m
Biokovo - 1762 m
Velebit - 1758 m

Licka Pljesevica - 1657 m
Velika Kapela - 1534 m
Risnjak in Gorski kotar - 1528 m
Svilaja, Dalmatia - 1508 m
Snjeznik, Gorski kotar - 1505 m
Ucka - 1401 m

Pannonic-Peripannonic Regions:

Zumberacka Gora - 1178 m
Ivancica - 1060 m
Medvednica - 1033 m
Psunj - 985 m
Papuk - 954 m
Samoborsko Gorje - 879 m
Krndija - 792 m

Croatian Islands:

Brac - 778 m
Cres - 650 m
Hvar - 626 m
Losinj - 588 m
Vis - 587 m
Krk - 569 m
Korcula - 568 m
Mljet - 514 m
Lastovo - 417 m
Rab - 403 m

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