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Add some spice to your vacation on the Mediterranean with a Croatian yachtcharter!

One of the best ways to spend the summer holidays is to go sailing
along the Adriatic coast and then island hopping
in Croatia where the winds of the Adriatic Sea blends with the breeze coming from the Croatian mountain ranges of the islands.

The climate in these areas is mild which makes sailing fun and more importantly, safe

Moreover, cruising along the waters of the Adriatic, one can witness the spectacular view of towering ancient cathedrals and medieval palaces scattered along the mountains as well as fortifications built in the early centuries to ward off pirates.

Photo yacht sailing towards sunset

From time to time, one can stop over at the beautiful beaches in Trogir, Vir island, Pag island, and Makarska, among many others, along the way.

The Croatian islands are well known, especially overseas, for the majestic beauty of its beaches and then have a taste of Mediterrenean, Dalmatian and Marakan specialties including fresh seafood, meat entrees and Makarskan sweets.

Video of a possible route from Split (1:06 min.)

If you are convinced in cruising the beautiful Adriatic to spend a vacation in one of many Croatian islands, Croatian beaches, and resorts, then you must definitely acquire yourself a chartered yacht!

Hundreds of companies offer a variety of yachts from private yachts, motor yachts, gullets, sailing yachts, catamarans, and luxury yachts.

For the adventurous sailor

If you have a thirst for adventure, sailing yachts are available at very affordable prices.

Travelers who have had some experience with yacht sailing often opt for the bareboat yachts which are plenty with Croatian yachtcharter companies along the Adriatic coast.

Photo Croatian

On the other hand, some prefer motor or power yachts for the speed and thrill of sailing. These often cost less than crewed charters or cruise yachts. If you are on some tight budget, motorsailers or gullets are less pricey but will be enough to satisfy your thirst for adventure and speed.

First time cruisers can also opt for crewed yachts or cruise ships which tour the Adriatic and most of the Croatian islands.

For luxury, stability, and comfort

Although bareboat yachts and sailing have grown popular these days, the prestige that luxury yachts offer is undeniable and is still preferred by many especially with couples, traveling families, and businessmen and women.

If you find yourself fancying luxury yachts, you can either book with a luxury cruise ship or if you want less people with you, a catamaran which has spacious decks and cabins and can be shared with a few fellow travelers and other couples.

Photo Croatian luxury yacht

For privacy and a longer trip

Finally, some people would prefer their privacy over anything else! Private yachts offer the privacy one needs, and almost always, the luxury of luxury yachts.

Private yachts are very viable for vacationers who want to be in control of their sailing schedules (in contrast to cruise ships) and who intend to maybe stay in one of the Croatian islands a little bit longer.

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