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Cycling in Croatia - may this an activity for you?

For centuries, the bicycle has been used for transportation. Thanks to the invention of the wheel, it took man to places faster than he ever reached on foot.

F rom being just a mode of transportation, cycling evolved into a hobby with a huge fan base all over the world. A lot of cyclists travel to other countries in search of a new trail and a new place to explore.

Croatia, although much more renowned for its beaches, is one of the destinations favored by cyclists.

With the diverse Croatian landscapes and picturesque villages that the country can offer, the cyclist will have his eyes feast on the beauty of the land.

Cycling on Brac island

Cycling in Croatia

My girlfriend took this picture (out of the car window) of cyclists on Brac island.

And long before the streets of the Croatian archipelago became smoother and easier to navigate by car, cycling was the most preferred mode of transportation. This can be attributed largely on the bike's ability to cover the rough roads in the rugged terrain.

During peak season for tourist vacations, the streets of Croatia are often congested with cars racing each other out for the best spots on the islands. Traffic jams are not favorable for the beach-loving tourists.

Cycling offers an alternative, a fun and faster way of reaching the destination.

Cyclists visiting Croatia will most likely be booked into accommodations near the coast since these are far greater in number. In fact, the Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful places to start cycling.

The beaches of Croatia transform to hundreds of kilometers of bike trails that gently contour around the edges of the coast. Most of these trails are flat and easy to navigate - even by beginners.

Cycling in Croatia....lots of trails to choose from

There are also lots of bike trails all over Croatia: the cyclist can choose among the many trails that were designed based on difficulty.

Sports cyclists who are in their top form can try the Makarska trail, which goes up a mile high into the Biokovo Mountain through the Biokovo Nature Park to pass through the highest peak (Sv. Jure) with an altitude of about 1,762 meters and down the mountain.

There are also trails leading to the many national and nature parks that beautify the island. One such park is the Mljet National Park, which features two sparkling lakes and acres of land reserve shaded by Aleppo pine and Holm oak.

One good place to visit is the peninsula of Istria. There are hundreds of trails passing through hayfields and trees and vineyards. Krk island is known for good bike trails mostly due to its hills and valleys.

Trail biking is always fun, but cruising through the villages of Croatia can offer a lot of beautiful scenery too. Forests, corn fields, vineyards, beautiful houses, and churches can be passed as the cyclists go about through the many villages in the island.

Trail maps are available in many tourist stores. These are very reliable guides to the simplest or most complex trails in the island of choice. Spare tires can be bought from most of the villages, but it is advisable to bring extras before setting out.

One more thing that is good in Croatia is that there are a lot of locals who are willing to help in moving the cyclists' luggage from one village hotel to another so that the cyclists can concentrate on trail blazing.

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. - Tim Cahill"

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