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Dalmatia Coast - where to start? There are so many beautiful sights to visit...

The coastal part of Dalmatia is a known tourist destination that has been one of the favorite playgrounds of Europe and the whole world.

Foremost in the activities enjoyed in the area are aquatic sports, in which the clear blue sea and the sunny climate provide the perfect setting.

Peninsula in Croatia

Nice peninsula with sailboats

Dalmatia Coast: Beautiful Submarine World

There are numerous scuba diving sites along the Dalmatian coast. A number of diving centers and clubs also offer their services to visitors who wish to explore the underwater wonders of the region. Hiring equipments and the corresponding services are also easy as well as affordable.

However, to ensure the safety and total enjoyment of each diver, regulations imposed by the Ministry for Maritime Affairs must be strictly followed. This includes obtaining a diving license that is typically valid for a year.

Most of the diving centers found along the Dalmatian coast often assist visitors in complying with the rules of the ministry, to ensure that there is a minimum of hassle and maximum enjoyment in each holiday experience.

One of the preferred destinations of diving enthusiasts are shipwrecks, and there are an abundance of those along the Dalmatian coast. Underwater caves are also quite common in the area and some are quite accessible with the proper guide and equipment.

Because of the importance of this activity - I wrote a separat page about scuba diving. Just follow the link below:

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Dalmatia Coast: Great Fishing Spots

Another popular activity in Croatia is fishing, with the coastal waters of the country teeming with marine life. Numerous fishing vessels can be hired for a day or several days of expedition to known and not-so-known fishing spots along the Dalmatian coast.

Beaches along the coast are also ideal for one to cast a line and just sit back and wait for a bite. Among the big-game fishes typically caught in the area are the bluefin tuna and broadbill swordfish. A lucky angler may even get to catch sharks that frequent the area.

There are also several rivers that empty into the coastline of Dalmatia. Most of these rivers are considered the cleanest in the world and are teeming with freshwater fishes. These rivers are also ideal for fishing, with a good catch almost always guaranteed.

Dalmatia Coast: Ideal For Sailing Enthusiasts

Croatia is also a popular sailing destination and most of these vessels are anchored or moored along the Dalmatian coast. There are also numerous secluded bays to choose from, providing not only privacy and seclusion but also spectacular, unspoiled views.

Those who wish to charter yachts can do so with ease, with several vessels and experienced available for hire. Another advantage enjoyed by yacht owners who choose to moor their vessels in this country is the absence of value-added tax on the purchase of the vessel.

The rugged coastline of Dalmatia is also ideal for canoeing and kayaking. Several protected bays have calm waters ideal for these sports, with the beautiful and interesting sceneries providing added enjoyment. Another ideal site for kayaking is the mouth of the river Cetina, located at Omis.

Also offered in Omis is white water rafting, which promises unforgettable memories to adventurous individuals who indulge in this sport.

After exploring some of the lesser known but unspoiled areas of the Dalmatian coast, visitors should head out to the larger cities along the coast like Split and Dubrovnik, where more urban activities are enjoyed. Both cities offer numerous options for accommodations and entertainment, as well as vibrant night scenes.

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