Day trip to Bisevo island

by George

Hi there,

me and my girlfriend are planning to travel across Croatia, staying a few nights in Split. Would it be possible to do a day trip to Bisevo island to see the Blue cave, or would we have to stay in Vis island?

Thanks very much,


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Hi George,

first of all - great choice with Split! I personally love this charming city with the famous Diocletian palace.

As for your question:
The ferry will take you from Split to Vis island within 2 h 20 min.
(there's also a catamaran ferry that takes only 1 h 15 min. - but it's for individual passengers only and no vehicles...)

So, if you intend to return on the same day you would need to substract 4 h 40 min. -- and you also need the excursions boat to the blue cave in Bisevo island.

I would personally recommend to spend a night or two in Vis - it's also a beautiful island and your trip won't be be so stressful.

For information about the ferry time tables - have a look at:

(An English version is available, too.)

Hope that helps!

All the best,

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