Drive from Split to Zadar

by Maksymovic
(Lodz, Poland)


I am from Poland and want to book a vacation in Croatia (this year). My family and I want to see Split and we also want to drive to Zadar.

Here my question: How long do you think should we calculate (Split - Zadar)?

And what would be a good stop (something to see or so)?

Thanks a lot - your Web page is so great!



Hi Maksymovic,

the length of your trip from Split to Zadar? It really depends :-) No, seriously. For an estimate I would need the season in which you are going for a Croatia vacation.

Here's a rough guideline: During summer season (please also see best time to travel to Croatia) you should be prepared to have some traffic jams along the "Adria Magistrale" (the coast road in Croatia).

My personal experience during peak season is something around 4 hours (from Zadar to Split).

As for your second question:
I would personally think about a stop in Trogir - it's a beautiful coastal city. You can see some photos of Trogir along with some travel tips on my Trogir travel story page.

For all: Split is a coastal city in Croatia and is a must-see in Croatia (in my opinion). To find out more about this beautiful city - please see my photo story about Split.

Hope that helps!

All the best

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