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As you saw on the previous page - we crossed Hvar island from East to West. One of our stops was is "Dubovica" which is something around 10 km right before our destination: Hvar city.

Our trip from Vir island to Dubovica took us around 5 hours or so and we needed to have a break, eat some of the delicious burek (a croatian meal) and just enjoy the fabulous view over the Adriatic.

Indeed, the atmosphere combined with the view will stay in my memories for quite some time.

So, let me share some of the photos I took while having a break in Dubovica... before I will show you around Hvar city on the next page.

Map of Dubovica Hvar island Croatia

Here you can see a map of Dubovica. It's located in the lower right corner (small red circle). Then we drove along the coast to Hvar city (bigger circle in the left side of the picture).

My car in Dubovica Hvar island.

This is my car as we stopped at a very nice observation deck. Oh, and my girlfriend is also in the picture...getting some water for our break :-)

Fantastic view along the coastline - Korcual island in the background.

The view was absolutely great! I don't know if the photo really mirrors the colors... the deep blue Adriatic and then the contrast with the carst coast. Just fantastic!

By the way, you can see Korcula island in the background - see it?

View onto Vis island, Croatia.

Here is another island which you can see from here. This is "Vis island". The sunlight was dunking the Adriatic in such a silver surface...breathtaking!

In this picture I also like the boat which was on it's way to the harbor of Hvar city.

Sailboat on the coastline of Hvar island.

When you're visiting one of the many Croatian islands you'll quickly realize what a fabulous sailing destination Croatia is. Unfortunately I have no sailboat, but let's see what the future brings. Who knows? :-)

Ruin in Hvar island.

As we crossed Hvar island we often saw such ruins. Nevertheless, I find them to be a great photo motive.

Pakleni islands in front of Hvar city, Croatia.

And here you can see the Pakleni islands which are located in front of Hvar city. By the way, Hvar city is located right behind the hill on the right side of the picture above.

Finally we are reaching our goal!

Ready to discover Hvar city?

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