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Personally I would visit Dugi Otok when you are in Zadar - with the ferry you only need minutes to reach the island ...

The largest of all the islands that comprise Zadar archipelago is called Dugi Otok, which means "long island".

Despite its size, there are few people who can visit the area simply because it's usually out of the normal routes of the ferries.


Nevertheless, for those who are looking for some peace and quiet, or like to explore the island all on their own, then this island can give you what you really need.

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Take The Ferry From Zadar

To reach the island, you can ride a Jadrolinija ferry from Zadar and arrive at any of the major points of the island. You can also reach Bozava by riding a catamaran. There are roads and streets in the island; however, the best way to commute is to bring your own scooter, bicycle, motorcycle, or car.

You may also be having few problems of where to stay overnight or for days. There are only few hotels here. The next best option is to look for a private accommodation. You can ask around the residents in the island if they have some rooms that they can spare for you or for your companions.

Not only will you be treated with Croatian hospitality, but they are far cheaper than staying in hotels or even in apartments. You can also go farther to the lighthouse of Dugi Otok. There, you can find an apartment, which also offers accommodation to island travelers.

Nice Video Of This Island (3:19 min.)

The best possible way to really have the grandest time here is to love the sea!

There are many little islands that are found near Dugi Otok, and they are all worth visiting. Nevertheless, you still need to be careful, as some may be completely uninhabited. You may either have to ask permission from the department that oversees the condition of these islands, before you can actually stay there.

In the meantime, you can go to Kornati National Park, which is actually composed of more than 140 islands. You can definitely enjoy snorkeling and diving here or even hop from one tiny island to another.

Excursion boat Kornati National Park

Here you can see a typical excursion boat for the Kornati National Park. While on board, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery - the sea and the many islands.

Such a boat trip (incl. lunch) costs around 140 Kuna per person (EUR 20, $30). In my opinion that's fairly cheap compared to what you will see on such a trip. It's fantastic and I can only recommend it to anyone who is interested.

You also don't want to miss the nature park located in Telascica.

In here, you will find the salt lake "Mir", which has very lukewarm water and high saline level.

Here's an additional video for you with a ferry trip from Zadar to Dugi Otok, the salt lake and....I think it would be best if you have a look for yourself :-)

The white rock is only meant for expert swimmers since few meters away from it, you will already be plunging into the deepest portions of the sea. Yet the natural park is a wonder in itself. If you can just explore it a little more, you will find countless old sea pine woods.

To go to Telascica, you may have to travel by boat or by ferry. You may also travel by car from the end of the bay until the half portion of the natural park. You will then have to disembark and start walking toward the natural lake. Besides kayaking, you can also rent a boat or a scooter.

There are also small villages that make up Dugi Otok. One of them is Brbinj. There are two bays located near the town. You have Locina and Sabusica.

"A nice Croatian island and in my opinion a great day trip from Zadar.
I wish you all the best!"

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