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When visiting the many islands of Croatia, visit the Elaphite islands. You should not pass up the opportunity of cruising and visiting them, a heavenly sanctuary for vacationers looking for some peace and tranquility.

Popularly known as the "Deer Islands" or sometimes referred to as the Dubrovnik Islands, it is a beautiful getaway which includes some rocks and reefs, eight islands, three of which are inhabited, and five islets such as

  • Kolocep
  • Lopud
  • Sipan
  • Daksa
  • St. Andrija
  • Ruda
  • Misnjak
  • Jakljan
  • Tajan
  • Olipa
  • Golec
  • Kosmec
  • and Crkvine.

However, the only ones that are inhabited are the islands of Kolocep or Kalamota, Lopud, and Sipan.

How To Get There?

Getting to the Elaphite Islands is very easy via ferry.

You can take off from Port Gruz in Dubrovnik or join a cruise of the Adriatic which will include a tour of the said islands.

Either that or charter a private boat to the islands yourself. It takes just a couple of hours to get to these islands of paradise.

Part of the islands allure is its environment where you would see, hear, smell, and feel the beauty of nature. From lush vegetations to warm and breezy beaches, the islands will truly take your breath away. The most beautiful and panoramic sunsets can be viewed from the islands themselves.

You can choose from the islands of Kolocep, Lopud, or Sipan or visit all three as they lie approximately next to one another. These islands are home to some of the most magnificent beaches and ancient medieval relics of churches and fortifications.

The Island of Kolocep

The Island of Kolocep is the perfect choice if you are looking for the tranquility of a lush green forest. Often referred to as the evergreen island, the Island of Kolocep is filled with pine trees, olive groves, and gardens.

Photo of Kolocep

Board and lodging for tourists and vacationers can be found in the island's two settlements Gornje Celo and Donje Celo. Touring these settlements will lead you to some ruins of Romanesque churches and the aristocratic manors and castles.

You can also enjoy swimming at the numerous beaches scattered along the island's many settlements.

The Island of Sipan

A tour to the largest of the Elaphite Islands is a great way to end one's Adriatic excursion. Sipan is well known for its numerous vineyards and gardens full of herbs. The photo below shows the view from Sipan to the island of Mljet.

Photo of Sipan

There are also a lot of mesmerizing sites in the island including ruins of medieval churches namely the 11th century churches of St. Peter, St Mihovil, and St. Ivan, some ancient Roman buildings, and the aristocratic manors.

Beaches are plenty as well and very very beautiful. One can bask under the sun and enjoy some of the island's delicacies and traditional water sports. The island is very accessible and one can go back in the evenings for a night spent in Sipan's beaches.

The Island of Lopud

Another attractive getaway in the Elaphite Islands is the Island of Lopud where the sandy beach of Sunj is a favorite tourist spot. Like the island of Kolocep, Lopud boasts of cypress and pine trees which will provide you with a captivating scenery.

The beach's waters are shallow enough for children to safely swim in.

A nice way to spend the day at the beach is to engage yourself in picigin, which is a favorite water sport in the island, with some of the locals.

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