Fabulous coastal towns that are relaxing and so unique!!!

by Brian
(Seattle WA USA)

After 3 days in Italian "tourist Trap" Venice we traveled to Croatia. First we stopped in Crikvenice.

Small coastal town, but very charming. Sandy beach in the center of the city was very cute, shallow water and excellent for quick swim. Food was excellent and inexpensive.

In Italy we were constantly running to banks to change some of our travel cheques, not so in Croatia. We rented a room in nice older Vila overlooking the beach for 35 euros a night.

In few days after relaxing and soaking in all the sun we drove to southern Dalmatia. We used old highway, near the coast to enjoy the scenery. It was the best we ever experienced!!!

Stopped for lunch, than dinner and finally arrived to Makarska, another small coastal town. Same great accommodations for 35 euros a night overlooking the beach and promenade below.

Beach was great and sea was warm and crystal clear!! We couldn't believe how clean and blue Croatian sea is.

After few days in Makarska we drove to Dubrovnik. I am American and have traveled all over the world, but have to say I have never seen historical treasure like this town.

History speaks from these walls and city is magnificent. Old cobble stone covered streets are amazing!! Than it hit me,

This is real Venice of Europe!!!

We spent few days in this amazing city\museum, enjoyed great food and warm hospitality. At the end we missed small city we first visited and drove back to Crikvenica. Stayed there another 2 weeks.

We canceled our part 2 tour of Italy and rather enjoyed this relaxing, friendly and pristine small city. No regrets whatsoever!!!

In short, relaxing, slow and friendly is how I would describe Croatia. Good food, pristine beaches and warm people. Night stroll true the city was awesome!! No mass stores and shopping pressures. And we always got some great local ice cream vendors are selling on the street!!

Ah, we needed that so badly!!! Now 3 years in a row we spend our vacations in Croatia!!! Still happy and always relaxed and fulfilled when we get back to the old USA.

Croatia Travel Guide's Answer

Hi Brian,

sorry for my late answer - I had to finish one project and put my blinders on.

First of all, thank you very much for sharing your travel experiences with us! It was a pleasure to read!

And to be honest, I think that what you wrote is something more and more people can relate to. I mean, I really get a lot of feedback through my website. It seems that a great variety of clients love Croatia because other European countries like Italy or Spain are VERY expensive and often times it's just mass tourism.

I don't like that - and I think a lot of other's feel the same.

Unfortunately, Croatia is not a very popular destination outside of Europe. But those people who travel to Croatia will fall in love with this small, but enchanting country! Indeed, I've never received really bad experiences from readers. That does speak for Croatia, doesn't it? :-)

Brian, you've been to some amazing destinations in Croatia. I am absolutely in love with the southern part of Croatia. I just can say that I love Makarska with it's blue flag beach (from the Unesco).

The mountain range behind Makarska is quite impressive...

City of Makarska in Croatia with a stree, Cafes and mountain in the background

And here's a picture of the crystal clear blue water that you will find in Makarska.

Blue flag beach in Makarska, Croatia

And if you need to take a break from the beach, why not stroll along the beautiful promenade?

Nice promenade in Makarska with palm trees

The coolest thing you wrote was that Croatia is the real Venice of Europe! I've never thought about it - but you are probably right :-)

Oh, and one more thing...

You've been to Dubrovnik?


No wonder that I wrote an e-book about Dubrovnik called The Insider's Guide to Dubrovnik.

In my opinion Croatia has a lot of fantastic spots. But there are some that really stand out! Dubrovnik is definitely one of those exceptional places.

Photo of Dubrovnik with roofs and Adriatic sea in the background

The famous city walls are an attraction for themselfs.

Dubrovnik's city walls along cliffs

And the famous "Stradun Street" has history in every corner...

Famous stradun street in Dubrovnik

Brian, thanks again for taking the time to write this great review. I hope you will come to Croatia again!

All the best,

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