Ferry Drvenik to Sucuraj
on Hvar island, Croatia

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Whenever I talked to people who visited some of the Croatian islands, I asked which of them did they most enjoy.

The funny thing is that a lot answered right away: "Hvar island".

Well, I had to visit Hvar myself so that I could verify if it really is so outstanding as everyone claimed. In August 2009 my girlfriend and I decided to make a trip down the coast to a nice coastal city with the name "Drvenik". It's a small city, but here is a harbour with a regular ferry connection to Hvar island.

You can see a map of this ferry connection below.

Larger View

You can get a ferry every 45 minutes. The tickets can be bought directly at the harbour.

Why did we take this route?

Well, we were able to cross the entire island of Hvar - from East to West (Sucuraj to Hvar city). We drove around 1.5 hours to reach Hvar city and the views along the road were breathtaking. Sometimes the road allowed views to the neighbor islands Brac (with the famous Zlatni Rat beach) and Korcula island.

Here's a map of Hvar with the street we took (marked red).

Map of Hvar island Croatia, Street from Sucuraj to Hvar city.

So, the views compensated this relatively stressful road trip....

But the road is really bad. There are narrow sections of the street which don't allow to pass two cars at the same time. You really have to be careful!

All in all - it was really worth the effort and the landscape was just fantastic.

Would I do it again? Probably not. The next trip to Hvar island will be via a ferry from Split. The cost are higher but it's totally stress-free...compared to the 75 km from Sucuraj to Hvar city.

Ok, before I show you around the island I will show you how to get to Hvar FIRST! Let's begin...

Ferry leaving Drvenik

Practically, this is all from Drvenik. It really is a small coastal city.

Beach of Drvenik

Nevertheless, the beach of Drvenik is great! What I also like about it is the short distance to the starting point of the ferries.

Need to wait half an hour for the next ferry to Hvar? Why not get out your swim-suit in the mean time? :-)

Zoomed Drvenik beach

Closer View onto the Drvenik beach.

Great views from the ferry

The ferry ride offers great views as you can see. There are nice mountains along the Croatian coastline.

View back to Drvenik

Bye, bye Drvenik!

Picture of myself

Who's that? ... Yep, that's a photo of myself :-)


Tip: It can get pretty windy on Croatian ferries - even during summer time. A pullover might be a good idea, at least for the women.

Cars on the ferry.

Don't be shocked!

Every car brings money for the ferry carriers. Therefore they try to use every space on the ferry. I suggest you listen to all commands from the ferry staff. They help you to park your car or campervan in the ferry.

Another Jadrolinija ferry coming from Hvar island.

Another Jadrolinija ferry (largest ferry carrier in Croatia) coming from the city Sucuraj - the opposite direction. It's great to have two ferries on this connection because otherwise they would not be able to keep the frequency of 45 minutes...

View onto Korcula from the ferry.

Here you can see the island of Korcula in the background. Yes, the "island density" here in Croatia is really high, so to speak :-)

Lighthouse near Sucuraj

Yippiiiii, we reached Hvar island!

This is a very enchanting lighthouse - fabulous view onto the Adriatic and the coastline. Want to write a book? Come here.

Ok, we reached "Sucuraj" in Hvar island and now we have to drive from the very East of Hvar to the West side with our destination "Hvar city". The distance is something around 75 km and as I wrote, the street is an adventure itself....

Ready for my travel story about Hvar?

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