Food markets in Croatia

by Arlene
(Saratoga, ca)

Are the markets open daily? And what islands are the best to purchase food for bareboating? We are visiting Split then to Komiza, Vis, Hvar, Miljet (Polace), Korcula and Brac.


Hi Arlene,

as for your question "Are the markets open daily?": It depends :-)

During high season the food markets are open 7 days a week, yes. I would say from May to September they are definitely open. That is a bit different during low season but since I estimate that you are in Croatia during high-season it's not so important.


By the way, the food markets in Croatia are amazing! Here's a photo from the food market in Zadar:

Food market in Zadar, Croatia

You will get fresh fruits and vegetables - all biological food. It tastes so good :-)


As for your second question "And what islands are the best to purchase food for bareboating?" Um, to be honest I can't see a difference in the islands. You can purchase delicious food (in supermarkets or fresh from the markets) basically on every island.

I am not really sure if there are some specific or hard-to-get foods that you need during your trip but the "normal" food is available on every inhabited place in Croatia (with some exceptions like ultra tiny isles with 10 people...).

The islands you mentioned should provide you with the necessary items and food.

Ok, hope that helps!

All the best,

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