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Thank you!
by: Giorgia

That does help, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

I'm now deciding between Hvar and Pag. I'll let you know about my unforgettable birthday after I come home!


You are welcome!
by: Tobias

Glad to hear that, Giorgia!

One more thought (if I may):
Pag island with the Zrce beach in Novalija is perfect if you want to party a lot. There are actually young people from all over Europe coming to Zrce.

Hvar has it's own charm. You won't find some kind of "Zrce" on this island - but in Hvar city there are also a couple of great open air discos and a lot of bars along the promenade...

I would give Pag some great "party and nighlife" point whereas Hvar island get some points for the natural beauty, fantastic beaches...and it's a bit more "Mediterranean" (in my opinion).

It's up to you.

Oh and yes, I would love to hear about you vacation - just send me a note or even a nice photo :-)

No matter how you decide - I wish you a wonderful, memorable vacation (with your 19th birthday as the "crowning" of your Croatia trip)!

All the best,

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