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Walking and hiking in Croatia offers you the full palette of nature...

The Croatian archipelago takes pride in its natural beauty and tries its best to preserve this by creating national parks all over the country.

This ensures that the forests and natural land and water forms are available for tourists and yet protected from exploitation.

Being composed of many islands, it is but natural that Croatia is more renowned for its beaches. But because of the natural arrangement of this country's land and waters, Croatian mountains are close to the beaches and are easily accessible so that you can switch between activities in the coast and upland.

To best explore the beauty of this picturesque country, hiking in its numerous trails is recommended to all travelers. This country's average summer temperature of around 29 degrees is well suited for hiking, and out of the 4,380 hours of possible daylight in a year, approximately 3,000 of these are sunny.

Hiking in the Plitvice lakes national park

- Hiking in Croatia -
I love the plitvice lakes national park - exceptional beauty and absolutley worth a visit!

One of the best trails is that of the Parenzana in Istria, which was launched as a tourism project and aptly dubbed as the Health and Friendship Route. This trail is more than 120 kilometers long and showcases the most beautiful areas of Istria along the abandoned railway track.

A guide book called Parenzana Code Kit was designed to bring to the hikers' attention the significant details of the trail by presenting clues for the hikers to decipher in order to break the code.

From Buje, the hikers can start decoding the numbered maps that would eventually lead them to Vizinada. Using the maps in the kit, the hikers can explore Parenzana in a very challenging way that would eventually help them solve the code in a day.

Hiking croatian mountains

- Hiking in Croatia -
I love the mountains because of the exceptional views.
I took this picture with a great view towards Krk island.

The islands of Croatia have a lot to offer to hikers. Lakes are the main attractions in National Park Plitvice: sixteen sparkling lakes the color of turquoise can be explored by hikers in this world heritage site of UNESCO (click here for all six Unesco sites in Croatia).

Plitvice lakes national park

Plitvice lakes national park

There is also an old Roman amphitheater in Pula that will take you back in time to the Roman conquest, which happened centuries ago.

Travelers can also hike the coastlines of the islands and explore the little coves, inlets, and beaches. Venice, which ruled Croatia for a long time, has left its imprint upon some of this country's coasts.

Hiking along the croatian coastline

Croatian coastline

Korcula and Hvar island were based on the Little Venice (minus the canals) in terms of layout. St. Mark's Square has its own replica in the form of Rovinj's bell tower.

The interiors of Croatia were influenced by the Austro-Hungarian rule. This is evidenced by the numerous landmarks with features similar to those of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

Hikers will also enjoy walking along the streets made out of pure marble - a trademark of Dubrovnik. Along the promenade are sculptured Renaissance figures that enhance the marvel of the paved walks.

Numerous postcard-type villages (see my photo series about Primosten) and settlements around the 1,000 islands of Croatia offer beautiful sceneries for hikers of all ages. Guided tours can be arranged in the tourist offices, which can be easily located in all the towns.

Coastal town Primosten

Discover postcard-type villages along the croatian coastline - here you see Primosten.

Croatia accommodations in the form of camping grounds and family-owned cottages are also offered for hikers. Advanced booking is recommended during the summer, which is a peak season!

The hikers can also easily find good sources of clean water as Croatia is said to have the cleanest drinking waters in all of the Mediterranean region.

"If hiking in Croatia is something for you - have your camera handy as you will come accross beautiful sceneries!"

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