Hippie vibe Croatia for young travelers

by Shirryn
(United Kingdom)

Hi, I really hope you don't mind me mailing you, but my cousin and I are planning a trip to Croatia and we want to go somewhere where there a young travelers/hippie vibe.

Do you know of anywhere?

Thank you!!!!!

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Hi Shirryn!

I always love to hear from my websites' visitors!

I would split your question in two pieces:

1) As of your question with the hippie vibe in Croatia:
I am sorry, but I've not seen a place with hippi vibe in Croatia, yet. (I would say that I really saw a lot from Croatia, but in your case I really don't have an answer.)

2) Places for young travelers:
There are spontaneously coming two places in my mind. One of the greatest places for young travelers in Croatia (if not the best, at least in my opinion) is the island of Pag. There are several fantastic towns incl. Novalja and the popular beach "Zrce". This is where most young travellers from around the world party day and night. I would say it's somthing like Spring Brake in the United States.

Have a look at my article about Zrce beach (located on Pag island) and watch the video about the parties at the beach (with the three famous clubs incl. Kalypso, Papaya and Aquarius).

If you are coming from the United Kingdom via airplane, you could arrive at the Zadar airport which is the nearest to Pag island.


The other great place for young travelers (in my opinion) is Porec in the Istria region (it's in the northern part of Croatia).

There you'll also have a lot of young travelers from around the world as well as great beaches and lot's of possibilities to party and have fun!

I hope that helps a bit, but please remember that this is just my personal view :-)

Greetings to UK and I wish you and your cousin all the best for your Croatia vacation. Enjoy it, it's a beautiful country!

Editor of www.croatia-travel-guide.net

PS: If you visit Croatia with your cousin I would be more than happy to hear about your travel experiences!

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