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Holiday villas Croatia - gorgeous accommodation.

Want to visit Croatia and yet wary of staying in hotels where you might just be treated like any other ordinary tourist?

If you are the type of traveler who is discriminating and wants only the best for you, your family or companions, consider renting holiday villas in Croatia.

The availability of holiday villas in the country is supported by the demand imposed by those traveling in groups of more than four persons who wish to spend their holidays in a homey and private atmosphere replete with all the other amenities.

There are also several options that renters of holiday villas can avail of.

They have the choice of selecting villas with swimming pools, tennis courts, or fitness centers. You can also select the location of villas you want to rent, with some of them located near the beach, the town or city center, or near the hinterland attractions of the area.

Renters also have the option of renting a thoroughly modern structure or staying in a villa with more traditional design for more authentic Croatian experience.

Holiday Villas Croatia: 5-Star Accommodation

One advantage of renting holiday villas is their availability in virtually any part of the country, including those in small seaside resorts and villages where all other types of accommodations are hard to obtain.

Most of these villas have two or more bedrooms, with additional sleeping spaces in form of pullout beds and cots in public areas such as the living room.

Amenities common in villas include:

  • air conditioning
  • satellite television with DVD player
  • telephone
  • internet connection
  • and of course, more than one bathroom.

Because of the absolute privacy enjoyed by the occupants, they have the opportunity to organize a small party or social events among themselves without having to worry about disturbance.

Most holiday villas also offer daily housekeeping services and the more luxurious ones may come with chefs and drivers so visitors can enjoy full convenience during their stay and can spend more time for exploration. Most are also accessible from roads and bus stations. Prices of these villas mostly depend on the number of people it can accommodate.

Some may impose daily rates based on the number of renters while others have weekly rates covering the whole villa, irregardless of the number of people staying in it. Those who come in during the non-tourist season might even avail of discounts and special rates offered by owners.

Holiday Villas Croatia: Top Locations At The Beach

Those who stay in holiday villas near the beach have the opportunity to explore the country's coastal beauty and indulge in several water sports.

A villa located in the hinterland areas will provide chances for its renters to go nature walking, animal viewing, and bird watching. Scenic view of mountains and clear bodies of water also await outdoor enthusiasts.

Renting holiday villas in Croatia might not be as popular option as staying in hotels and apartments, but it is a trend that is slowly gaining recognition among discriminating clientele, some of them who just want to rent an entire house to themselves.

Holiday villas are also ideal accommodations for honeymooners and couples on vacation, for the absolute privacy and personalized services they ensure.

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